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Published on February 21st, 2014 | by Derek Markham


New Water Heater Flies Past Crowdfunding Goal

February 21st, 2014 by  

Originally published on Ecopreneurist.


Inventors and innovators can take heart from this news on the crowdfunding front. What’s being billed as the world’s first all digital water heater, said to save 40% on energy and 10% on water usage, has not only smashed its crowdfunding goal, but also attracted $2 million in seed funding from investors.

The Heatworks Model 1, which was launched on Kickstarter with a $125,000 crowdfunding goal, ended up raising about $430,000 from backers, and will now be fully commercialized, thanks to an additional $2M in seed funding.

The Heatworks, from ISI Technology, has evidently hit on the right balance of features to get people interested in something that normally draws no notice, namely their hot water heater.

“People have become resigned to a mediocre hot water experience, where water takes minutes to heat and changes temperatures without warning.

The HEATWORKS MODEL 1 is the world’s first digital water heater, with a pioneering architecture that reliably provides hot water when you need it, at the exact temperature you like. As more and more people realize it’s time to modernize their water heater, global demand for HEATWORKS MODEL 1 has soared.” – Jerry Callahan, CEO of ISI Technology

Featuring no metal parts to rust or leak, no heating elements that can burn out, and no mechanical flow switches that can fail, the Heatworks Model 1 uses graphite electrodes and solid state components for a long and virtually maintenance-free life. The device also features a microprocessor and sensors to constantly measure water temperature and automatically adjust it, as well as smart grid and WiFi connectivity for remote measuring and control.

Due to its small size (12.5″ long and 6″ in diameter), the ability to produce hot water ‘on demand’, and to accept preheated water (such as from a solar water heater), this little water heater could have a variety of applications in both new construction and remodels.

“Water heaters, as most of us know them, have been around for more than 100 years, and rely on antiquated technology to deliver one of the most important amenities in the home. ISI has developed a much-needed technological overhaul to the water heater that delivers the benefits homeowners demand. By delivering impressive levels of comfort, savings, reliability and connectivity, the HEATWORKS MODEL 1 brings the water heater into the modern, connected home.” – Greg Tew, School of Architecture + Design at Virginia Tech

If this little water heater looks like something that would solve your hot water woes, check out the full details at Heatworks.

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  • Rick Kargaard

    I have underfloor hydronic heating that utilizes my NG tankless water heater. Works great but I have been looking for a reasonable cost back up. Our winters are extreme and a failure could be catastrophic. This may just be an answer.

  • James Van Damme
  • SirSparks

    Unless this were to utilize heat pump technology a declared 40% electrical savings is total BS, Unless of course the math is done with an unoccupied house! Water heating via electricity is virtually 100% efficient anyway except for the stored water going cold and a thicker tank insulation is an easy way to deal with that or for people with a regular schedule of hot water usage put the tank on a $20 time clock.
    Also these whole home instantaneous water heaters require at least 120 amps at 240 volts and that is too much of a load for most older electrical services, even a new 200 amp service is challenged with all the other connected loads.
    That said it seems from its size to be a cool possibility to be evaluated when it’s time to renew the old water heater tank.

  • The average American can already save 60% or over $350 per year switching to a heat pump water heater… he’s a video showing the GE one…


  • RickSolar

    How much will it cost per unit? If its more than US$3000 its stuffed because chinese made solar water heaters will beat it hands down, and if it requires building consents and plumbers its also stuffed. Why pay US$3000 for something that saves you 2000kwh when a reasonably priced easy to install 3 kwh Solar PV system will generate 5000kwh

    • dgaetano

      “Projected retail price is $395”

      (From the Kickstarter page linked in the article, it looks like the earlier backers are getting theirs for $225)

    • driveby

      ..not everybody can have pv on his roof?

      ..and from their components list even with cash cow phase I’d be surprised if it costs more than $500.. I mean it’s just for one decentralized warm water tap and usually you got several of those around the home.

  • Lisa

    Thanks for posting… very clever device.

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