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Woops — Gasmobile Buyer’s Remorse Not Fun

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A sure sign of a superior technology—realizing that you screwed up when you went and bought its competitor. Not many electric car buyers go back, but for the ones that do, well, buyer’s remorse is waiting for them. After switching to an Apple computer, I can’t imagine ever going back to one of its “competitors.” At least, not as long as I spend all day working online. Similarly, after driving several electric cars, I can’t imagine ever owning a gasmobile again. That would be so depressing, unsatisfying, and bothersome! I think many of you know what I’m talking about, but maybe not as much as the guy in this story below. Via Planetsave:

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again—electric cars are much nicer to drive, and they’re also much more convenient (despite common misperceptions. Imagine never having to go to a gas station again. Imagine charging your car while you sit on the couch and chill out, while you sleep, or while you work. Not many electric car drivers switch back to gasmobiles after going electric. In fact, many of them find themselves preferring their electric car so much (even more than much more expensive & “luxurious” gasmobiles) that they end up getting a second electric car and ditching gasmobiles altogether.

However, sometimes drivers do go back. The result? Buyer’s remorse. Here’s a recent comment about this on the forum:

Was charging my Volt at a Chevy dealership and was talking to a senior salesman. Apparently he had a Volt for a few years and traded it in for CTS in recent months, he missed the Volt the first time he went to the gas station… 

I asked him if he wanted to go Cadillac why not the ELR? He said it was not yet out and did not anticipate the unpleasantness of going back to gas. He had serious buyers remorse… He wished he waited for the ELR…

Once you go electric, driving a ICE car is like driving a stream engine — dirty and expensive to run and maintain.

Reminds me of ‘Anthony’s Song’ by Billy Joel — “oh he’s trading in his Chevy for a Cadillac-ac-ac”

Yep, electric cars are superior. Once you’ve had your “iPad moment” and gone electric, you really won’t be happy if you go back. But don’t let that stop you from jumping into the future!

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  • Green Globe

    The above videos are good especially the last one about the kid sneaking out his dad’s BMW i3 because it’s quiet. I’m all for EVs but they are all fugly. The Nissan Leaf is the worst. It looks like a modern Pacer. Nissan’s cars are all bad looking, though. Their trucks are bearable. The Tesla Model S is OK bit it looks too much like a Jaguar. My next car will be an EV. I hope by then there are more choices with better designs.


    • QKodiak

      What’s wrong with looking like some of the most beautiful cars ever built? If you’re going to be inspired by a design, look at the best. The Model S is classically gorgeous, just like the Jags. We don’t want different for different’s sake because different is almost always perceived as ugly

  • Steve Grinwis

    Apple products are poorly engineered, overpriced crap. Don’t sully the good name of electric cars with such a comparison.

    • Man, I will never switch back. That’s what I thought for many years. Now that I’ve switched, I can’t believe it took me so long. But guess it depends on how you use them.

    • Jim Smith

      LOL. yeah, my Mac Book Pro is engineered exceptionally well, unlike the cheapo cloner windows garbage. No comparison. Please do price out a Windows machine with the same specs as a MacBook…you will be very suprised. Sure you can buy a crap cheapo low spec windows machine for a couple hundred bucks, but it will be no where near the specs of a MacBook.

      Then you have the OS…OSX is light years ahead of the absurdly overpriced Windows. It is extremely painful to use Windows after using OSX.

      • Extremely painful. Makes me cringe. And not because of some sort of “self-imagine” thing, purely usability.

      • QKodiak

        I’ve on purpose done precisely that in order to prove to my friends that Apple products are somewhat overpriced for what you get.
        I’ve used Apple products and they are nice. But you can get essentially the same thing or better for the same or less money. Non-Apple products tend to be more customizable, upgradeable, and aesthetically, some of them look better too (Black).

        If you’re willing to put up with heavier weight and shorter battery life (which I am), you can get some incredibly capable gaming laptops for less than Ultrabooks like the Macbook Pro or the Asus Zenbook.

        As far as Mac OSX and Windows 8, I do prefer the Mac because of the simplistic layout, but Windows 8 is also fast and gets the job done.

  • Jonas Johan Solsvik

    This is article makes a statement based on only ONE datapoint. That is not considered a good way to do research.

    • Haha, yes, it’s not a study, just an anecdote.

      • J_JamesM

        Clearly this is all your fault for not making it clear that this was not intended to be an in-depth statistical analysis of buyers’ attitudes.

        Heh, just kidding.

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