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UAE Expected To Use Delivery Drones In The Next Year

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The United Arab Emirates has revealed a plan to begin using delivery drones to transport important documents and small packages within the desert kingdom. Welcome to the future kids.

Online retailer Amazon announced a plan to begin using delivery drones as early as 2016, just as soon as they can work out all the regulatory gobbledy gook. While it would seem few companies could match Amazon’s political pull or cash hoard towards developing delivery drones, the oil-rich city-states of the U.A.E. have a unique advantage of being the government. All it would take is a few simple acts of government, and whammo, delivery drones are not only legal, but mandatory.

An unmanned aerial drone is displayed during Virtual Future Exhibition, in Dubai

While the initial delivery drones will be limited mostly to government document delivery, such as drivers licenses and building permits, eventually quadcopter drones could deliver larger, commercial packages straight to homes and businesses. The purpose of this project is two-fold; to further reduce the often-epic traffic congestion in places like Dubai, where officials are considering banning poor people from driving, and as a bit of technological posturing on the world stage.


The U.A.E. is home to a number of other cutting-edge, high-tech projects like the green-designed,solar-powered Masdar City, where denizens were to rely on automated transport pods rather than personal automobiles. One area of concern with the delivery drones is security and safety, which U.A.E. officials are making a top priority. Fingerprint scanners and retinal I.D. devices are among the security measures being considered, though the use of both would probably be best.

A six-month trial is scheduled to begin in Dubai before the drones go kingdom-wide.

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  • Mory Tam

    The best way to deliver a bomb to your enemy. You can also have a device that will spray their surroundings with deadly pathogens. An inside job could get this done, or doing it more fun, a hacker will simply intercept a drone (easily done, many reports abound), reprogram it to do your bidding, and no trace to you. Imagine that!

  • Kyle Field

    Another interesting step away from petro chem towards an electrified transportation grid.

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