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Aluminum + Bamboo = Boo Bicycle’s Aluboo Frame

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2014 Aluboo bamboo road bike from Boo Bicycles

Boo’s Bicycles constructs its bikes’ frames from lightweight, durable, and 100% renewable bamboo. Besides being one of the greener bamboo bicycle options available for high-end bike buyers, Boo impresses with super sleekly styled show bikes with never-before-seen one-off and prototype parts from others hanging on its frames. At the moment, Boo Bicycles is gearing up for the upcoming 2014 NAHBS show, where a lot is expected from them.

When the guys at Bike Rumor asked if Boo would be bringing any sikk custom builds to the show, Boo’s founder, Nick Frey, said “Well, of course! But we are not going to let all the cats out of the bag. I will say that we are bring bikes that can be ridden many different ways … up the side of a fourteener in February.”

Sounds promising, no? You can check out more of Nick Frey’s interview and more pictures of the aluminum/plant-matter framed Aluboo bamboo bicycles over at Bike Rumor, but I picked out my favorite pics, below.


2014 Aluboo bamboo road bike from Boo Bicycles

2014 Aluboo bamboo road bike from Boo Bicycles

2014 Aluboo bamboo road bike from Boo Bicycles

Source | Photos: BikeRumor, originally posted to Gas 2.

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    That’s cool, is there a support structure inside the bamboo portion?

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