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Tesla Patents Advanced Multi-Charging Station

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Elon Musk is nothing if not ambitious, and a patent for a multi-charging Tesla Supercharger station is another example of his confidence in electric cars. If implemented, this patent would allow Supercharger stations to prioritize charging based on need and arrival time, among other factors. Another step towards an electric car future.

Green Car Reports came across this patent filing, and while doesn’t necessarily mean this is the direction Tesla is going with Superchargers, it is a good indication of their intent. These free fueling stations currently serve just a handful of customers, many of whom can afford a home charging station as well. With the launch of the Tesla Mode X this year, and the more-affordable Tesla Model E in 2017, these Supercharger stations could quickly become overrun with customers seeking a charge.

The patent filing is for an improved Supercharger system with multiple charging ports that distributes power based on need and priority. The system could distribute power based on first-come first-serve, remaining battery level, and vehicle priority. Perhaps certain cars will come with a higher charging priority, or perhaps it’ll be offered as an option? Regardless, anyone filling up with free fuel shouldn’t complain about having to wait a little extra longer for the privilege.

Tesla is obviously anticipating a rush on Supercharger stations, implying even more rapid growth. With the recent completion of a cross-country Supercharger network and another patent-filing for a 400 mile hybrid battery, it won’t be long before all of America is within range of a multi-charging Tesla Supercharger. How long before Tesla Superchargers are as common as Starbucks?

Source: Green Car Reports

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  • This is interesting. Thanks for sharing! The world of automotive’s is going to change in a couple of years . Moreover, this will greatly facilitate the use of hybrid cars.

    • Jouni Valkonen

      I believe that hybrids will always remain as niche products. This is because I think that hybrids are Rube Goldberg Machines.

      It is better just to jump directly to 100 % electric vehicles.

  • Jouni Valkonen

    Patent filings are not news (Tesla has hundreds of them). This one was already filed in September 2011(!!) and Tesla is already probably made this technology obsolete, as they have progressed with giant’s leaps on supercharging technology.

    The thing with patents is that patent applications are published after 18 months from filing. And it normally takes about three to four years to approve or disprove patent. Therefore Patents are not predicting the future, but they are just representations what Tesla thought in 2011 when it was yet two and half years before first supercharger actually materialized.

    Today I think that Tesla is moving on direction that supercharger stations are equipped with grid storage batteries, so there will never be shortage of charging current because too many is supercharging their Tesla.

    • Good to keep in mind. See a lot of these sort of patent stories in the EV and overall tech world.

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