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Published on February 18th, 2014 | by Derek Markham


Isotera Makes LED Installation Simple & Fun

February 18th, 2014 by  

Originally published on Ecopreneurist.

Isotera LED lighting

A UK-based startup promises a better way to install intelligent LED lighting and controls, by making it simple and fun to get started with a low-energy lighting system that not only saves energy and money for the user, but also reduces lighting-related greenhouse gas emissions.

Isotera’s LED lighting and control products offer a modular plug-n-play flexibility, allowing LED lighting systems to be designed and installed much quicker than conventional LED systems, with just a few basic hand tools.

“At Isotera our philosophy is that installing low energy lighting systems should be as simple and as fun as LEGO®. Simple means speed, simple means no mistakes, simple means no waste, simple means affordable costs. That is what will make people buy and install low energy lighting systems, and we are committed to making that happen.” – Isotera

The Isotera iPower line is designed to serve as the “complete backbone” for intelligent LED lighting, with a single cool-running power conversion device (iHub) for each line, feeding power through a double-insulated cable (iBus), which can be tapped into at any point along the line, without any cutting and splicing, thanks to the “contactless” iClip module.

By making installing LED lighting as simple and easy as snapping together components, Isotera may be moving the intelligent lighting industry forward in a big way, because a lighting retrofit to add LEDs to an existing location might not require an expensive or complicated rewiring, and installing LED lighting to new construction with the Isotera system is said to reduce the complexity, the cost, and the time needed on site, when compared with other LED systems.

“It is a seamless all-in-one Power & Control system and the first of its kind developed with LED light sources as the starting point. It features highly efficient contactless power transfer allowing virtually tool-free installation. The system offers an unprecedented combination of benefits: cost leading, simple and safe, flexible, durable and future proof.” – Isotera

In addition to the iPower system, Isotera’s iCon range offers simple and flexible lighting controls, from smart sensors to dimmer switches. The iSense sensor, which is also plug-n-play, features multiple functions in a single unit, from detecting occupancy to monitoring light levels, so that the lights can power down when not needed, and can be controlled and connected to other modules by using the company’s iLink cables.

Find out more about this innovative LED lighting system at Isotera.

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  • Doug Cutler

    I’m very impressed with the new LED lights just on the market especially the ones with the yellow glow as these compare well with the warmth of incandescent. Same light for 20% the energy draw. Bought a bunch and shaved 300watts off our power demand for 50c/watt. Several fluorescents were replaced.

    I now thinking of all the long tube flourescent lighting common in commercial use. Is anybody working on an LED to fit directly into those sockets? It would make it much easier for business to convert plus the light quality is much better.

    • A Real Libertarian

      “I now thinking of all the long tube flourescent lighting common in
      commercial use. Is anybody working on an LED to fit directly into those
      sockets? It would make it much easier for business to convert plus the
      light quality is much better.”

      Right here:|0

      • Doug Cutler

        Excellent! I’m going to pitch these to my dentist next time I go in.

        Thanks, Real Libertarian . . .

        • A Real Libertarian

          No problem.

          You’d probably want to check other places, because they might have cheaper or better products.

  • andereandre

    Serves me right for not keeping my Adblock Plus up to date.

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