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Published on February 10th, 2014 | by Cynthia Shahan


BMW i8 Commercial Pursues Olympic Glory — Hello, Future!

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Originally published on EV Obsession.

If you have been reading the stories of the compliments or criticism regarding the entire city Russia just built (from scratch) to house the Olympians, and the entourage that supports the Games, take a moment and watch this baby from BMW. This part of the games makes for plug-in future Olympic triumph — BMW introduces us to the future.

Update: also see –> BMW i3 Commercials For Olympics Win Gold (4 VIDEOS)

The work of science fiction author (2001: A Space Odyssey), Arthur C. Clarke, and “Hello Future” find emergent lights forms as they transmute from a futuristic cityscape to the i8 on the screen. BMW shares that two more works are forthcoming, called SHHH and Sightings. Stay tuned for those — coming in a few moments.

PR Newswire shares the press release from BMW (about the company’s sizable campaign/investment into electric vehicles):

BMW says that Sightings is about people “trying to describe something they have never seen before; something remarkable and other-worldly” (i.e., the plug-in i8)….

“It is a rare and exciting opportunity to launch a new brand and for BMW i, one that requires a world-stage,” said Trudy Hardy, Vice President, Marketing, BMW of North America. “We look forward to making a bold statement about the future of sustainable mobility.”

The Sochi Olympics are something viewers have not seen before. It’s nice to see cleantech complement or rather become a fresh part of Olympic highlights.

The Sochi Olympics also includes the newly designed two-man bobsled from BMW that the US Olympic team chose to use. Watch the video on this “zero-emissions” vehicle:

And don’t miss the contest running for BMWTimeTracker.

PR Newswire continues to highlight BMW’s electric motivation:

BMW i is a comprehensive and ground-breaking concept for sustainable mobility and represents visionary electric vehicles including the BMW i3, the first all-electric vehicle made primarily of carbon fiber, and the BMW i8, a plug-in hybrid, high-performance electric vehicle. The BMW i3 and BMW i8 go on-sale in the U.S. in the second quarter of 2014.

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  • Jonathan Morales

    I’d love to see both the BMW i3 and i8 into production but I’m sure it will be a while before it happens! Check out the BMW i3 in my blog article:

  • Green Globe

    BMW needs to bring back the iconic 2002 design (the best car BMW ever built!) and make it an i2002. I guarantee you this car would outsell any EV car offered today.

    • Bob_Wallace

      Apparently BMW is releasing a 2 series inspired by the 2002. They’re using an orange 2002 (just like the one my ‘back then’ girlfriend drove) in the ad.

      No sign that they’re planning an E version. I think we have to wait for cheaper batteries.

  • Doug Cutler

    Does the BMW i8 fall into the compliance car category? They sound pretty serious here or did they just hire a really good ad agency?

    Otherwise, very compelling futuristic ad. Arthur C. Clarke quote errors on the side of great optimism but who knows . . .

    • 1- i don’t think so. and i do think BMW is genuine with its EV push. though, think there’s essentially a split in the leadership — some are ready to jump into the EV era, some not so much. i expect to see pretty good sales of the i3 this year, though. the i8 is far too expensive for most, but i think it is actually sold out.

      2- yeah, noticed a couple lines that were a bit overly optimistic.

    • be sure to check out the 4 i3 ads as well. BMW has been creating some of the best EV ads out there, and that’s been consistent.

      also note that BMW’s i3 and i8 are built electric from the ground up (hence, “Born Electric”). not many companies are doing that — Nissan, Renault, Tesla, & GM (1/2) are the only major contenders that have done so.

      • Doug Cutler

        Saw the others. I hope lots of people see them. They’re entertaining but I still very much prefer the cool, prophetic intellectualism of the Hello Future ad. Its growing on me, the way it portrays the EV as unlikely yet virtually inevitable. The fact that it promotes an elite vehicle may not be so important as the vision itself. In fact, I’m starting to see it as my favorite EV add ever. And A.C. Clarke could still be right about a fantastic future if we just got our act together.

        That’s remarkable if the carbon fiber of the i8 is ground up green as carbon fiber can be very energy intensive. Rocky Mountain Institute has been pursuing concept of vehicular carbon fiber for many, many years.

        • ThomasGerke

          To my knowledge the carbon fibres are produced in a LEED Gold certified factory in Moses Lake, Washington. The electricity is apparently 100% hydro power.

          At least that’s what they say. 😉

          However the materials used in Moses Lake are imported from Japan and products are shiped to a wind-powered factory in Germany. 😉

          • Doug Cutler

            Interesting . . .

            Looks like both the i3 and i8 are carbon fiber. Is carbon fiber a dark horse in the race for EVs going head to head with internal combustion? The argument goes that while carbon fiber takes a lot of energy to produce, the price is offset by energy savings plus it can be recycled for 10% of original cost. (I’m presuming trimming and reforming but I’m not sure.) Since its saves so much energy in transportation cycle it then becomes akin to a renewable resource that just keeps on giving.

            BMW is using a plastic/carbon fiber composite. Plastic degrades after long exposure to sunlight but I guess the paint job would cover this. But do you know if said composite is as recyclable as regular carbon fiber?

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