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Published on February 9th, 2014 | by Zachary Shahan


Polish Startup Has Reportedly Started Producing Graphene

February 9th, 2014 by  

Commercial graphene production has reportedly begun in Poland, the first place this supermaterial is being produced commercially.

graphene production PolandLiving in Poland for 5½ years, I can tell you that there is a very high number of tech geeks/experts here, but I have to admit that this news came to me from a CleanTechnica reader. Following an article I published about Lux Research’s projections regarding when graphene and other advanced materials might be commercialized, this reader sent me two links about a Polish startup that has reportedly just begun producing graphene.

The startup, established back in 2011 (before graphene was on the radar of most of us), is co-owned by mining giant KGHM (where my father-in-law and brother-in-law actually work) and the Industrial Development Agency (ARP). It is using technology that was developed at the Institute of Electronic Materials Technology in Warsaw.

Here’s some more information on the technique used: “The method, an adaptation of epitaxy, relies on the crystallization of carbon from an outer source, which means the carbon is settled down in the form of a one or two atom thick layer on the surface. The EMT says that the process is efficient and cheap and uses commercially available equipment.”

In a Polish solar PV engineering publication, Prime Minister Donald Tusk is reported to have commented on the achievement while attending the opening of the production facility, calling it a historic moment. That report notes that this is the only company commercially producing graphene. Indeed, the Lux Research article I noted at the top projected that “graphene’s major commercial inflection point is still off in the future – expect graphene to begin to find widespread use in battery electrodes or conductive composites around 2025.”

Of course, graphene has many insane, unprecedented properties. To catch up on those, scroll through our graphene archives. Some of the industries it could make a big difference in include solar power and energy storage.

Perhaps I should swing over to Warsaw and find out more about this reportedly breakthrough production process and the product links it is currently targeting.

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  • Pole

    Good news for Poland, I hope politicians won’t spoil it and will not sell technology like they did with Polish banks etc.

  • dfd

    Poland is going to produce 50×50 cm graphene sheets this year.

  • new_user

    Here you can buy Polish products of graphene

  • Parker

    Hey Zachary I’m an American living in Warsaw and I run Cleantech Poland a consultancy, publisher of Cleantech. I’d be interested in talking to you about mutual areas of interest, especially innovation. Can u get in touch?
    Best, Parker

  • Howard Treesong

    Graphene is going to turn out to be several orders of magnitude better than sliced bread.

    I’m not being flip about that, I genuinely believe Graphene is going to have a huge impact on technology and our lives.

    Two thumbs up for Poland! Graphene is this century’s material and you’re ahead of the curve.

    • Doug Cutler

      One application I believe is super efficient water desalination. Could be very important in coming years.

  • Voytek

    Germany burns more Coal than Poland

  • ooskaloosa

    Please Zach, tell us more about yourself and your family and you and you and you, and less about the actual technology, which you apparently know nothing about.

    • Bob_Wallace

      You’re welcome to go off and start your own site and display your vast knowledge and brilliance.

      Do you need help finding the door?

    • Haha, sure thing. 😀 Once upon a time,….

  • JamesWimberley

    With the general economic stagnation of late communism, it’s easy to forget that Eastern Europe had a great scientific tradition and maintained high academic standards in the les political subjects of its universities, The Swiss-German Enigma cipher machine was first broken by Polish mathematicians in the 1930s; the British and French, having bought a few examples, had concluded it couldn’t be done.

    • Agreed. (But be careful, Poland is technically in “Central Europe,” and many people here will remind you of that. :D)

  • Steeple

    Zach, would be interesting to know what commercial or other applications are ready to start using graphene.

    • Darnell Jeferson

      lazer beams for sharks

    • Yeah, believe me, I think a trip to Warsaw to dig in further would be worthwhile. Have a lot going on right now, but it’s on my list. 😀

  • Mikael

    It kind of makes sense that the coal burning capital of the world makes progress on coal in another form and shape.

    • hmm, that hadn’t crossed my mind. interesting thought.

    • though, Poland isn’t exactly #1. #10 in total burning it seems:

      And think it’s somewhere between 2 and 4 for more relative statistics.

    • Paul Gil

      I didn’t know we were talking about China.

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