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Published on February 5th, 2014 | by James Ayre


SunFocus Solar Electric Oven — “Next-Generation” Solar Oven Kickstarter Campaign

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There’s currently an interesting Kickstarter campaign up for what’s essentially a portable hybrid solar/electric oven that promises to be very effective in both modes of operation.

The man behind the SunFocus solar electric oven (as it’s known), David Chalker, has described the product as the “next-generation” of solar ovens, and has stated that he expects the solar oven to change the industry. That’s certainly big talk, but the SunFocus does appear to have quite a lot going for it.

Image Credit: Sun BD Corp

Image Credit: Sun BD Corp

The Kickstarter campaign page provides some specifics on that:

·When the Sun is out it’s a high performance solar oven.

·Cloudy or night-time it’s a 300 deg. F. electric oven.

·Built-in thermostat turns off the electric when not needed and turns itself back on when it is.

·Uses 465 watts; 75% less electricity than your standard household oven.

·Cooking volume: 10 – 12 pounds of food per cycle

·300+ F. cooking oven temperature range

·Portable suit-case design with easy carry handle only 30 lbs.

·Double pane glass for long lasting heat retention.

·DC operation capable with inverter

Interestingly, the oven has apparently been independently tested by engineers from Chevron Thailand — and apparently received a notable amount of praise.

With the money raised via Kickstarter the company is planning to apply to receive European Union and USA electrical certification approval for the solar electric oven. Explaining, the company states: “With these certifications our Made in America SunFocus solar electric oven will become a global product. It is goal to export our SunFocus solar electric oven to foreign country markets around the world.”

Certainly an interesting design, I’m curious to try one out myself. What about our readers, what do you think?

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  • JennCria

    I have had the Tulsi Hybrid Solar oven for about 3 years, and have bn fairly happy with it, but I wish the construction would have been better. I just got the SunFocus yesterday and I cant wait to start using it. I really like how much cooking space there is and the quality is wonderful!!!The thing I like about the electric aspect of it is that I use much less electricity than if I used my wall oven. It saves me money in the winter, and makes the best, juiciest pot roast. I have the HotPot solar cooker as well and love that too. It did a wonderful job on a whole chicken. Dave the inventor of the SunFocus did a top notch Job! If you contact him give him Coupon Code: “JennCria Ranch” and he will give you 5% off of the SunFocus and/or HotPot. His website is If you go to YouTube I will be doing some videos later experimenting with my Sunfocus. just type the word JennCria in the search bar.

  • Bob_Wallace

    I suspect this is yet one more poorly thought out product.

    Solar ovens should be cheap and use no power. People living where the grid doesn’t reach basically don’t bake. They fry, boil and “grill”. Solar ovens haven’t been well received because that’s not how people who use wood/dung fires cook.

    If you’re on the grid you likely already have some sort of an oven and you’re going to use it in bad/dark weather rather than haul this thing out and plug it in.

    • SirSparks

      I suspect that this will have very limited success for “wannabe” naturalists who having made a fruitless effort to cook solar on a camping trip can fire up their generator and still pretend “back to nature”. Other than this it is pretty lame.

    • Doug Cutler

      GoSun solar oven has also been featured at CleanTechnia. Now that’s a cool design . . . making novel use of solar thermal vacuum tubes. Boil, bake or fry. It did quite well on Kickstarter.

  • Doug Cutler

    At last look their Kickstarter campaign does not look like it will reach its goal. This is unfortunate because its a very interesting approach. Hopefully they will get backing from some other source and carry on. Other innovative solar oven designs HAVE done well on Kickstarter recently. Perhaps it was just bad timing for this one.

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