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Top Electric Car States — Which Has The Highest Percentage Of Electric Cars?

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Image Credit: NissanWalking around little towns in the Appalachians this summer, I was happy to see a few refreshing electric cars. In fact, one day in the tiny town of Bryson City, NC, I walked by four electric cars in a small parking lot that only held four cars. This is steep mountain country. How pleasant to find electrics showing brightly at the foothills of the Appalachians. It game me confirmation that folks are catching on to improved forms of transit.

In San Francisco, LA, and San Diego, I expect you’d see a ton of fresh-spirited electric cars spinning around town. However, surprisingly, California comes in third in terms of electric vehicles per total auto sales. It falls behind somewhat further north Washington and progressive Hawaii. Much further behind is New York, “which has one of the highest sales rate in the country, yet ranks 25th in terms of EV market share,” according to Edmunds, which also supplies this interesting chart (top 10 and bottom 10 states in terms of EV market share):

top electric car states

As you can see, this ranking is based on January 2013 to November 2013 sales. Clearly, the top five states — Washington, Hawaii, California, Georgia, and Oregon — are quite a few cars ahead of the rest. Actually, a lot of electric cars available for sale in these markets (or often just in some of these markets) aren’t available in other states. Surely, other states could do much better if auto manufacturers brought their EVs to those other states. They’d also do much better, of course, if they offered incentives like California’s $2,500 EV rebate, Georgia’s $5,000 EV tax credit, Hawaii and California’s HOV lane access, and Washington state’s sales and use tax exemption.

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  • Larry

    This listing reads like a typical roll call of “red” and “blue” states. Mindset has a lot to do with purchases

    • James Van Damme

      Markets are different. I was just in Hawai’i, where gas is $5 a gallon, commutes are short, and the traffic can be horrendous and/or slow moving. EVs should take off there. Washington has cheap electricity. Wyoming needs range. In North Dakota, you need a defroster & heater. In Mississippi, they can’t afford ’em.

      • Wayne Williamson

        James, just one problem with Hawaii, electricity is over 40 cents a kilowatt hour. Now, if you have solar on your roof that you can use to charge your ev, then maybe it makes sense.(actually no maybe about it)

    • Bob_Wallace

      Some people are going to run the numbers and find that EVs save them small money. Or maybe save them nothing. Even cost them a bit more. But they will buy an EV anyway because they want to do something to help deal with climate change

      Other people are going to run the numbers and find that EVs would save them a lot of money. But they will not buy and EV because they want to support “their team”. They are also the people who will have stocked cases of incandescent bulbs.

      Red and blue – that’s pretty much the way people have distributed themselves among the states

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