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RYNO Electric Unicycle is a Different Kind of Commuter (VIDEO)

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RYNO Motors is making big waves with its electric unicycle/personal transporter concept — from TV appearances to interviews and more than a million YouTube views. If you’re not familiar with the RYNO, know two things: 1st, it’s awesome. 2nd, it’s not a street-legal “motorcycle” in any sense of the word … but don’t let that stop you from wanting one!

Get to know the new RYNO Motors unicycle thing in the quick, pre-order “teaser video” above, and check out this interview RYNO CEO Chris Hoffman did for CleanTechnica’s sister site, Gas 2, below. Enjoy!


RYNO Motors’ Crazy Electric Unicycle, the Interview (via Gas 2.0)

This is the single-wheel, single-seater electric RYNO commuter bike- and it is utterly, wonderfully insane. “It’s different. You have to make an emotional commitment, sign an ‘emotional contract’ to learn to ride it and be good at it,” says…

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