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$0 Cross-Country Road Trip In The Best Car On The Planet

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Tesla Model S owner John Glenney and his daughter Jill became the first people to cross the country using the recently-completed Tesla Supercharger network. The trip took a week and 1,366 kWh of electricity to complete, but cost $0 thanks to the free Supercharger refills. It’s harrd not to be impressed.

Normally, driving a car of the caliber of the Tesla Model S over 3,600 miles from New York City to Los Angeles would consume on average probably 30 MPG, meaning you’d have to use around 120 gallons of fuel at an average $3.25 a gallon. You’re looking at close to $400 just in fuel, but the Glenneys did it without spending a single dollar.

Of course there was concern that the Supercharger network might not be complete, but the final pieces of the puzzle fell into place just days before. So far there are over 70 Supercharger stations installed, though the network kind of meanders across the country, turning what could be a 40-hour trip into some like 60 hours of driving. That will change as more Superchargers come online, and Europe will soon be similarly covered.

Having done a road trip myself though, I can tell you that it isn’t always speed that matters. Soon, most of America will be covered by the Supercharger network, allowing for travel almost anywhere in a fully-charged Model S. For free. If you’re a literal road warrior, driving from one appointment to another, the Model S could easily pay for itself in very short order.

If you’ve been on the fence about buying a Model S, this should be the story that convinces you it’s the right car to buy.

Source: Wired | Image: Plugshare

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  • Doug Cutler

    Some will brush this off as a meaningless distraction for pretentious Tesla owners but you have to start somewhere. Charging networks will only grow and EV and PV prices will come down. Big oil faces a slowly tightening squeeze play: sharp price spikes at the pump will only drive more consumers into the blossoming EV market, meanwhile extraction costs are growing. No surprise that ROI in big oil is lately under pressure. Already Exxon is floating TV adds that pit the gas tank against the car battery. They know what’s coming.

  • Will E

    In the Netherlands we pay 10 US dollar a gallon, is about 1,75 euros a liter.
    when they should pay 10 dollar a gallon in the USA, TESLA is even more sensational
    in saving travel money.
    good for you TESLA.

  • Will E

    Excellent news.
    Wind and solar can provide the TESLA Supercharger network with no problem at all.
    The big thing is, energy is for free, and there is a lot of it. One only pays for installing solar and wind turbines and the rest is for free, clean and easy, everywhere.
    I get no response, but I hope TESLA will support a TOUR DE FRANCE TEAM and ride the Alps and Pyrenees and France with TESLA all electric model S.

  • Matt

    Interesting, although I hope all the electricity used came from PV. My home (I live in the UK) uses on average 8 KWh a day, so that trip used the same amount of electricity as running my house for almost half a year….

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