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Published on January 24th, 2014 | by Giles Parkinson


China Brings 2014 Solar PV Target Up To 14 GW

January 24th, 2014 by  

Originally published on RenewEconomy.

China’s National Energy Administration (NEA) has reportedly increased the 2014 target for new solar PV capacity installations to 14GW – up from its previous target of 12GW.

The increase was noted by Deutsche Bank analysts, who said the target represents a near 50 per cent increase on the actual capacity installation of 9.5GW of solar PV in 2013.

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Chinese officials had previously said that two thirds (8GW) of the 2014 target would come from distributed solar PV (on rooftops or in smaller arrays close to consumption), but it is not clear what the percentage is in the new target.

Earlier this month, Deutsche Bank said surging demand in China, Japan and the US would underpin a “second solar gold rush”. It tipped global installations to rise to 46GW in 2014 (based on the previous 12GW target for China), and to 56GW in 2015.

China is expected to be by far the largest installer of solar PV, followed by Japan, US and Europe, each with around 8GW.

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  • LookingForward

    I’m gonna go for 50GW+ in 2014, since every year has been above expectations and 60/65GW in 2015 and definitly over 100GW annually from 2018 on, maybe even sooner if storage is cheap enough.

    Thinking about all the regions in the world that are building solar and starting to build solar in the last few years, like South America and India.
    Why isn’t Africa among those, I understand that not many nations have money to spare, but they are at grid parity and they are building new power plants, aren’t they?
    I only read something about South Africa, but shouldn’t ALL new installations be solar in the whole of Africa be solar because of grid parity?

  • Matt

    Giles maybe fix your headline “to 14Gw” not “to 2014”

  • Jouni Valkonen

    I think that we are on a verge of second global solar boom that is fueled by ever cheaper grid storage. As the first solar boom was led by Germany, this time it seems that China will be the leader. China will exceed also that 14 GW target in 2014.

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