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Europe EV Policy

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I recently had the opportunity to chat with Olivier Onidi, Director of Innovative & Sustainable Mobility in the European Commission, about EU electric vehicle (EV) policy. He had some interesting things to say regarding overall EU policy as well as some country-specific policies. Here is a video of that interview:

Estonia is indeed a strong EV leader, especially in its support of a nationwide fast-charging charging network. It’s a little surprising to see Estonia standing out as such an EV leader, but then again, maybe not.

Norway is also mentioned. The Scandinavian country is the undisputed champion of the EV world. It’s a country everyone should be emulating.

But “every single [EU] nation is creatively looking at developing policies” to support EVs, and that’s uplifting. Let’s just hope they move closer to the Norway ideal fast!

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  • Wayne Williamson

    Very enlightening video on the EU EV direction. It would be nice to see something similar in the states(US) where they come together and agree on an EV policy. Oh yeah, that’s supposed to be the senate and the house;-(sorry about that;-)

  • SirSparks

    Zachary, I’ve been a daily reader for about two years now and you have always produced some quality output but I have noticed that in the last couple of months your output quantity has also become staggering! Well done.
    (Sorry for being off topic)

    • Haha, thanks. 😀 I have reorganized what I’m doing behind the scenes in order to allow more time for writing. And I’ve gotten the chance to attend a number of events that have allowed for much more original content, which I’m hugely thankful for. Am so happy that you are noticing that, and I appreciate that you are letting me know about it. 😀

      Trying to provide the most high-quality content out there, since there is so much happening that people aren’t aware of… but should be 😀

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