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Published on January 19th, 2014 | by Zachary Shahan


SlimStyle LED Review ($10 LED Available At Home Depot)

January 19th, 2014 by  

SlimStyle white

I was recently offered a Philips SlimStyle LED for review. $0 is a pretty good price for an LED, so I took it. I have to admit that this is the first LED I’m using as a “normal light bulb.” All the others we have are CFLs. After about one week of use, here’s a quick review of the Philips SlimStyle LED, which is equivalent to a 60-watt incandescent bulb in the light it produces.

philips SlimStyle LED

I’m using the LED in a ceiling lamp in the middle of our studio apartment. It is right next to a CFL in the same ceiling lamp, so I’ve been able to switch back and forth between to two in order to evaluate the difference. As far as the light emitted, I can’t see any difference between the brightness or color of the two bulbs. They seem comparable, and are certainly satisfactory for me.

There is one thing about the SlimStyle LED that I actually like more, though. The lamp fixture is open, which makes sense with many light bulbs today that shouldn’t be in an enclosed space (that results in a big drop in their life expectancy). The problem is that looking anywhere near the CFL is a little bit unpleasant on the eyes. The SlimStyle LED is better in that respect.

I also like the shape of the SlimStyle LED. But that’s really a personal matter.

philips LED

With my short review out of the way, here are some more details on the Philips SlimStyle LED from the Philips rep who contacted me:


  • 10.5 watt; 60-watt LED equivalent
  • 800 lumens
  • Lifespan of 25,000 hours
  • Omni-directional light
  • Dimmable
  • 2700K color temperature


  • Eliminates the tell-tale heat sinks of an LED bulb
  • Reduces energy consumption by 85 percent
  • Lasts 25 times longer than a traditional 60-watt incandescent
  • Designed to meet or exceed ENERGY STAR specifications and has been submitted for ENERGY STAR certification

“This latest generation Philips bulb leverages its uniquely flat surface to conduct heat away from the LEDs, eliminating the need for the heavy aluminum heat sinks associated with LED bulbs. This innovation helps to reduce the cost of the bulb, while still delivering the same, high quality omni-directional light consumers want.”

As of January 2, 2014, the Philips SlimStyle LED is available for $9.97 on It will be available in stores starting March 1.

Top image credit: Philips. Other images taken by me, available for reuse with credit given to Zachary Shahan & CleanTechnica (including links).

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  • Otis11

    CRI is still 80… (To be fair, most people won’t notice, but this is a fairly substantial deal to a noticeable number of people. Might be good to start including this measure)

    L-Prize is still my top candidate for lights I use often.

  • Wayne Williamson

    Pretty soon they need to be compared to both an incandescent and a cfl. The only packs in my closet(storage) are cfl’s. The biggest difference right now is the 10k hours for cfl and 25k hours for leds. For the 60 weq, cfl uses 14.5 watts and led uses 10.5 watts an hour.

    • Yes, frankly, I think they should mainly be compared to CFLs (but that obviously doesn’t look as attractive to consumers). Would be nice if they went ahead and started doing that, though.

  • Scotland

    Thanks for posting a picture of the back of the package. The only unanswered question I had about this new design Philips bulb when it was announced was whether it was rated for enclosed fixtures – it is not. The Switch Infinia remains pretty much alone/unmatched in this regard.

    For open fixtures, the Cree bulbs are hard to beat. Philips makes good bulbs, but the Crees have generally been less expensive up to now. More choice and competition tends to result in better price/performance/quality so the new Philips bulbs can only be a good thing. Though it may change come 1 March, for now, looks like the Cree bulbs are still priced at ~$13 on Home Depot’s website:

    • dynamo.joe

      I just bought Cree 60w equivalents at Home Depot a few days ago; $7.97.

      Maybe you were looking at 75w or something.
      The package above lists a saving of $136 over the life of the bulbs. Of course that is compared to incandescent bulbs. The savings over CFL is $17. Not as compelling, but why would you choose to not save $9 for every 60w bulb in your house? And obviously that doesn’t include savings on air-conditioning or CO2 emissions, etc.

      If you run your lights more than 9 hrs/day it’s actually a better investment than the stock market.

    • Thanks for that context and feedback. We are moving in a few months. I think I should get my hands on a # of diff LEDs and check them out in the new home, leaving our CFLs in our current home for the coming tenants.

      Didn’t recall that the Infinia was the only one rated for enclosed fixtures. Would definitely like to check that one out, the Cree bulbs, and Philips.

  • Matthew

    The 2700k bulbs produce a sick yellow light. Once you try the 5200k versions have a beautiful white light that when you compare the two, you’ll never want the yellow again.

  • Justin Barkewich

    Nice,I changed over my house to LED’s about a year ago…love it…800 Lumens is plenty people..I bought a 1600 Lumen….we call it the Sun.LOL

  • Rich

    I haven’t used the slimstyle, but have experienced the Model # 425264 and like it. It’s unfortunate the bulbs are made in China.If you’re looking for something with a USA origin, check out CREE LED bulbs. The CREE bulbs are just as good if not better IMO. While the LED isn’t manufactured in the USA, the bulbs are at least assembled in the USA. I have no affiliation to CREE btw.

    • Omega Centauri

      The Cree bulbs are in the Home Depots, and are a couple of bucks cheaper for the same intensity (800 and 450) lumen bulbs, but the standard Edison bulb profile. Personally I rue the fact that LEDs are following the average customers initial preference for Reddish light, 2700K. I prefer the similar bulbs at Lowes, which are a couple bucks more but 3000K. I suspect if I had the choice I’d probably go for something around 3500K.

      • I do like the cool design of the SlimStyle.

        • Omega Centauri

          If “coolness” means some people who are otherwise balking at LEDs adopt them, I’m all for it.

    • Thanks. Appreciate that feedback.

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