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Diesel Hybrid Mercedes C Class Coming in 2015 (w/ video)

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When you put green-minded car guys into a room, you almost always hear arguments for “clean“, high-MPG diesel cars vs. more complicated, but more prevalent (in the US, at least) gas-electric hybrids. Almost always, the conversation ends with someone saying “too bad you can’t buy a diesel hybrid,” and many nods being shared over beers. Well, if remarks from Mercedes’ execs at this years North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) and the release of this video, below, are any indication, it seems like Mercedes-Benz has done it.

Not only does the new for 2014 Mercedes C Class feature a C300 Bluetec diesel model, but Mercedes seems to have built a C300 Bluetec Hybrid, as well. There’s more on that, and some photos fresh from the floor of Cobo Hall, below. Enjoy!


New Mercedes Diesel C Class Debuts at NAIAS 2014 (via Gas 2.0)

Mercedes brought the latest version of its C Class sedans to the 2014 Detroit Auto Show – make that, the latest versions of its C Class sedan. According to the announcer at the MBUSA press conference, buyers will be able to choose the “traditional…

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