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Published on January 18th, 2014 | by Jo Borrás


Tesla Talks Record Sales at Detroit, Little Else

January 18th, 2014 by  

Last year, Tesla wowed us all with its slick, 90-second battery swap stations that it promised would be ready by the end of 2013. At this year’s January 2014 Detroit Auto Show, however, we were told the battery swapping plans were on the back-burner. We didn’t hear much about the upcoming Model X electric SUV, except that it, too, was delayed. There wasn’t any news on the (maybe it will, maybe it won’t be called) Model E compact, either.

What’s going on over at the house that Musk built? Chris DeMorro, from Cleantechnica’s sister site, Gas 2, has more on the story, below.


Tesla Sales Surge, But Battery Swapping On The Back Burner (via Gas 2.0)

So Jo and I were just like, totally wrong. I guess we got our hopes a little too high, as the Tesla press conference had nothing new or exciting to share. In fact, the Tesla Model X SUV wasn’t even on hand at all. Instead, Tesla execs used the soapbox…

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  • Shiggity

    This article makes Wall Street’s expectations seem low.

  • rebel_sal

    “Nothing new”:) Really CleanTechnica?

    – A small San Francisco EV startup progressing towards production levels to become the first successful American car company in 100+ years and you’re complaining they have “Nothing New”. (Chrysler is now Italian, Ford was founded in 1903, GM in 1908, hundreds of others car companies bankrupted)

    – 66 Superchargers as of today and 80+ within a month to provide free coast to coast driving in US

    – Gross Margins already exceeding Ford, GM and many other manufacturers although they are only in their second year of production

    I can go on and on about how amazing Tesla’s progress to date is but I guess you guys wouldn’t appreciate it since CleanTechnica is such a groundbreaking and gamechanging company that Tesla looks boring compared to you:)

    This article is the epidomy of ungrateful, spoiled, short-sighted, unproductive, good for nothing but sit at a desk all day and type away criticizing hard-working people making tangible products journalists:)

    I’m disappointed that CleanTechnica, a news & information provider for “future” of clean energy, published a short-sighted article as this one in a week where tens of right-wing high-propaganda sites had to “eat their words” and publish articles recognizing Tesla’s success of delivering 6,900 cars in Q4.

  • exdent11

    Sometimes one has to straighten one’s back for a few moments and catch one’s breath before the next furious sally.Tesla is no different.

  • SirSparks

    There’s some truth in what you say.

  • Marius Mauß

    Say “some” again… I dare you… i double dare you… Why is it necessary to always throw a “some” before a number? I am not sure but this article read like there is not one number in there which is not preceded by the word “some”.

    I think the author is under a wrong impression about the batteryswap. The battery-swap was never planned to be a really big part in Teslas-Long-Range-Plans. It is way to expansive to make that technology available to the masses.Just think about it. First at every station there have to be a lot of batterys. Those need to be stored. Construction-Cost are high. Then if the owner of the swapped battery wouldn’t pick his battery up it would need to be delivered to his house. Those Problems grow bigger the more Tesla-Cars there are. The Supercharger on the other hand. Just needs a electric rig the charging stations and a big electric landline. if there are more customers the electric bill grows. Thats it. In addition to those obvious advantages there is the distinctive advantage that the Supercharger-Technology is fit for the future. The Battery-swap not. The Model E will be smalller than the Model S so it stands to reason that the Battery is different to. So the battery-swap would atleast need to have two different batterys in store.

    If you think about it it is completely understandable that the Battery-swap got a backseat.

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