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Published on January 10th, 2014 | by Zachary Shahan


Polar Vortex Explained In Relation To Global Warming By White House (VIDEO)

January 10th, 2014 by  

Originally published on Planetsave.

You have to give it to the White House on this one — in response to absurd media reports regarding the polar vortex, extreme cold in the US, and global warming, the White House has published a video explaining the polar vortex and explaining how the polar vortex is actually related to global warming.

By the way, that’s President Obama’s Science and Technology Advisor, Dr. John Holdren, speaking in the video.

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  • Susanna

    Global warming is clearly a sexual perversion. Impotent people take it out on the world as a substitute for what they cannot perform.

  • Bubba Nicholson

    Melted ice moves south faster than solid ice. It’s keeping Dixie free of hurricanes–until it’s all or mostly gone, then whammo! We should install very large orbital balloons over hurricane prone areas to end hurricane formation permanently.

    • Bob_Wallace

      Melting ice causing Atlantic storms to track further east and miss US shores.

      Is there any data backing that up? It is the case that storms are becoming more frequent.

      • Bubba Nicholson

        And if you look at Gulf oil spill data, you will note a negative correlation. Oil lubricates the air/water interface, disrupting hurricane formation. Franklin noticed this and would agree with me here.
        Just look at the thermodynamics, the known circulation, and how buffers behave. Once the buffering of the frozen glacial & ice shelf water is mostly lost, the system will become more exaggerated. With the buffer’s loss all H will break loose. Happily, we should be able to launch enough balloons into orbit in time to restore the arctic/antarctic/glacial ice buffer sufficiently. All humanity needs is to know what to do, which I just supplied.

        • Bob_Wallace

          Oh, I thought you might have some science behind your posting.

          Just speculation….

          • Bubba Nicholson

            Elucidation is the proper term, and the science behind it is entirely valid. You see, I have about 1000X’s normal i.q., but I do not have time or inclination to write the proof that would convince a local.

          • Otis11

            Just in case anyone is inclined to believe this guy – he’s just blowing smoke. The average IQ (as set in the definition of IQ) is 100 with a standard deviation of 15 or 16 depending on test. The highest IQ ever speculated was William James Sidis (speculated IQ between 250-300). That means the highest ever even proposed was a mere 3X higher than average.

            This guy likely doesn’t know what IQ is, much less know his actual score.

          • A Real Libertarian

            It’s on a bell curve, so 1000x could mean at the 99.9th percentile.

            Or a 145 IQ.

            You’d think he’d be better at communication in that case.

          • Bubba Nicholson

            Why would I subject myself to your ridicule if what I say were not true? Here, you have my attention. The means to any end is at your fingertips, yet you piddle. Ask me a question. It’s not like I haven’t made dozens of billionaires, creating a legion of “genius” reputations, eh?

          • A Real Libertarian

            “Ask me a question”

            Why haven’t you done as much as Forrest Gump?

          • Bubba Nicholson

            Because I am Forrest Gump! I came up with that story to discourage racism, social hatred of crippled people, encourage long distance foot travel, and to bring tourists to my ancestral home, Savannah. So, I achieved everything Gump, but Gump.

          • A Real Libertarian

            Go back to Alabama, Horse-boy.

          • Bubba Nicholson

            Well, I don’t really know what to say here, except perhaps that I have found the cures for criminal behavior, sexual perversions, and non-alcoholic drug addiction entirely on my own. I elucidated how atherosclerotic plaques are deposited (electrodeposition). I know how we can stop global warming on a dime. I invented the Force & the Jedi, modeled for E.T., Indiana Jones, and Good Will Hunting. I have personally started five presidential campaigns, four entirely successful (running six terms) and Hillary’s run, too. I invented the modern meaning of the word “Inclusive”, & came up with “quantitative easing” for the Fed that saved the world’s economy. Not to mention my personally throwing back European communism by my bringing the Berlin Wall down, it’s the truth. But you probably can’t handle the truth.

      • heinbloed

        Thanks for this one, I will show that to my county council engineer.
        They still believe in century floodings here, millenia storms and chances in lotto draws.

        This “eco walk” was build 2 years ago:

        And they will rebuild again. And again.
        Because with every storm the chances deminish that there will be next one …….

    • heinbloed
  • Sapir-Whorf

    Ha what a joke. What caused the 1776 Polar Vortex or the 1974 Polar Vortex that I lived through? Oh yeah Time Magazine said global cooling. What junk science. I thought science was definitive. Dr. Richard Lindzen and Dr. Don Easterbrook are correct.

  • heinbloed

    My thanks to ZS who is up to date, I propably would not have come across this video.

  • bussdriver78

    The Democrats are too corporate to be tree huggers; when they get a chance to show their true colors, it is not green – that is just part of the billions both sides spend to make you think they are worlds apart and that there are only 2 sides to any issue… plus any issue they both agree upon is not a “real” issue.

    Real solutions largely are against the current state of things so they are off the table unless they can crawl their way up to enough influence ($) which is why anything about the solar industry or wind industry working on a unified front is BIG NEWS. We won’t see a war declared against climate change and a huge effort to shift towards real solutions because that is too upsetting to economists (yet if WW3 broke out it would be a totally different situation…)

  • Kyle Field

    Encouraging that they are taking a stand. Unfortunately, the political parties in the US are very (wait for it) polarized on this subject due to the industry friendly Republican party and the liberal tree huger (aka climate friendly) democrats. Obviously I’m hoping logic and science win out and all that…I’m a bit tired of the climate deniers to be honest. The article this morning about the IEA and other agencies publishing complete crap data on sustainability is the exact kind of thing that scares me…which makes this video that much more encouraging.

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