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Elon Musk Talk At Stanford (VIDEO)

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I don’t think we’ve shared this before. Thanks to a couple of readers for passing it along (in response to my post about Tesla trying to sell SEXY), you can now watch it here:

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  • Wayne Williamson

    Very much enjoyed this video. Thanks!!!

  • Bubba Nicholson

    I made them put all electric cars into Gataca back in 1989. Hope that vision helped.

    • ha, could have! what was your role in the production?

      • Bubba Nicholson

        I provided the concept for the film also use of FLW buildings, electric cars, frequent launches, solar fields, no space suits–just suits, feminism/humanism/egalitarianism (so as not to spoil the issue of genetic discrimination), in-valid, fire suicide, mission choice, eye color contacts, Hoover bits, brother-better-brother competition, and tried to keep the girl’s clothes on her at the beach house (too close to the beach). This, along with Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow were both no-hitler/no-stalin in history movies, also not to spoil the issue here and in the other film. I got started in 1972, with Steve Spielberg, see my memoir: Hillary’s Angel by Ross Nicholson on Google (read free) or Amazon.
        They found somebody to take credit, probably just a backer. Money talks, talk walks.
        The guys doing the film actually said they couldn’t get that many electric cars for the film! I had to tell them to alter the sound track with unusual looking gas cars, push them around, etc. They still didn’t like it, but it was part of the package. The money guys who sent them to me did a great job making them go 100% electric! Since, it’s Musky, I also provided the story in Afghanistan for Iron Man back when we were nowhere close to being there at the time, so it was 1990 to pre 1997ish sometime. No, they didn’t pay me, so therefore I’m a fraud, right? I get that a lot, but you asked.

        • Cool 😀

          • Bubba Nicholson

            I like your website very much. Are you GE or some other giant organization?

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