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Published on December 27th, 2013 | by Jo Borrás


This Vespa Stand-up Scooter Is Everything The Next Segway Should Be

December 27th, 2013 by  

I think a lot of people really want to like the idea of a Segway. We want to embrace its easy-to-ride convenience, minimal footprint, and zero-emission goodness, but it’s just too fast for the sidewalk and really, terribly un-cool. With some better illumination, a more “bike-lane friendly” handlebar design, and a heavy dose of European style, this latest project from Maxiscoot aims to fix everything that’s wrong with the stand-up scooter. Enjoy!


Vintage Vespa + Segway = Sexy Sidewalk Conveyance (via Gas 2.0)

With their high-tech balancing software and sensor arrays, easy-to-master learning curve, decent urban range, and almost-kinda-really too-high top speed, Segway scooters should be cool. They are, however, not cool- and I’m talking “probably not…

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  • ElKabong453
  • Jan

    What a piece of shit! Now you know what bad design is. Adding weight and silly crap to the Segway design is NOT progress. And you know with the same spects how could this be better? Also they for got all the chrome and the fins!

  • plainview2

    Four grand for a moped without the back end? Sure there is a cost of living increase every year; but economics of manufacturing should try for a retail price of half the stated price. And what’s with the mirror below my knee cap. By time I focus on that I’m going to run into the delivery truck in front of me.
    All in all I; look forward to the sport models and the models that will work in a Buffalo snow storm.

  • Amy Clavero Real

    As long as they dont run these where foot traffic pedestrians are, i am cool with this.

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