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2014 Toyota Avalon Hybrid Review

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2014 Toyota Avalon Hybrid

Last weekend, I took the new 2014 Toyota Avalon Hybrid on a 500 mile round-trip from Chicago to Indianapolis for the 2013 PRI Show. The Avalon was fast, comfortable, and posted some seriously impressive fuel economy figures while legitimately impressing the most jaded auto-critic I know: my wife. You can find out more, below, in an article that was originally published on Cleantechnica’s sister site, Gas 2. Enjoy!

Driving 500 Miles in the 2014 Toyota Avalon Hybrid (via Gas 2.0)

The last time I drove a Toyota Camry Hybrid was back in June, and I ended up sick on the side of the road in Texas- was it the Toyota‘s fault, or was it my third Whataburger? I reached out to Toyota after my return to Chicago in order to give them…

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  • John Mcklane

    It has been equipped with good quality blind
    spot warning system that will alert you of the vehicles on the side and rear of
    your car.

    • Bob_Wallace

      Self driving cars introduce themselves one feature at a time.

  • JamesWimberley

    “I started off both legs of the round trip with a nearly flat battery.” I’m glad to know this blog’s authors are so well paid that money means nothing to them.

    It’s a disservice to readers to run a hybrid car for review in this irrational way. Readers want to know the fuel economy under realistic conditions: meaning you start every possible trip with a full battery.

    • Omega Centauri

      I assume this is a normal hybrid -not a plug in. So there isn’t a lot of difference because of intial charge state. Unless I’m wrong, and it was a plugin.

      Presumably this vehicle is pretty new -probably not fully broken in, which would lead to lower mpg. My experience with Prius, and Prius plugin is that milage decreases quite strongly with lower temperature, he probably would have got several to 10 mpg more on a good day! But, he probably didn’t really have his choice of conditions, it was do it on day N, take it or leave it?

  • Shiggity

    What’s the price premium over the regular Avalon?

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