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Tesla Model S Real Winter Road Trip In Norway (VIDEOS)

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There have been various Tesla Model S winter test drives in the past, but many of them were not quite realistic enough. During some of these tests, the heaters were switched off, while others were done at unusually low speeds in order to improve efficiency. The cars were also typically empty.

Bjørn Nyland will now ease many people’s concerns about the Tesla Model S’s ability to maintain acceptable range, and, of course, perform adequately in cold weather. For the trip filmed in the first video below, Bjørn Nyland attempted to travel from Oslo to Trondheim in Norway, 535 kilometers (332 miles), with cargo in the vehicle and at an average speed of 46 mph (76 km/h). Among other things, the cargo included a pair of car rims (anyone that has carried these knows they are heavy). 46 mph isn’t fast. However, winter driving generally isn’t, and that is the average speed. So, I wouldn’t say that he cheated on this one.

Regarding the first trip (first video below), Nyland said on his YouTube channel:

“My very first road trip with my brand new Tesla Model S P85 Multicoat Red. The trip from Oslo to Trondheim is 535 km and has a max elevation of 1026 m. This puts the Model S on a real winter test.”

Part One:

On the return trip, Nyland attempted to drive 233 miles/375 kilometers on a single charge during one stretch of the drive. You can see the result in the fun video.

Part Two:

What reassured me most were his trips uphill, through snow, and the fact that he only had to turn the heater down once to save range, because he didn’t allow it the full 20 minutes to do an 80% “quick charge.”

Apart from a technical issue with the charging plug, which he had to resolve by repeatedly plugging it in and out (possibly due to freezing), the trip was perfectly successful. Lithium-ion batteries are affected by cold weather, but not too much for the Model S!

The entire distance traveled was 790 miles.

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  • TheCaullen

    That’s not at all bad winter weather. I want to see the model s take on a fresh 5 inches of unplowed snow. Bring it to Green Bay, WI.

    • rickster

      That has nothing to do with the car being electric!.. even a gasoline luxury car may not do well on 5 inches of snow. Not sure what your point is

      • TheCaullen

        I’m concerned about handling in the weather. My A4 was fantastic. However I now drive a rwd beamer and it’s horrendous. I would need to know if this is a car you’ve gotta leave in storage over a REAL winter, or if its just a summer driver, like about half of all luxury cars.

        • BergenNorway

          The Tesla S (and any RWD, high power vehicle) are terrible in winter conditions. I recently drove behind a Tesla S over Kvamskogen, Norway. The Tesla was sliding (somewhat uncontrollably at times) all over the road. I admit that the conditions were challenging in my FWD vehicle, but the Tesla´s handling was diabolical. Winter tires are mandatory in Norway, and I can´t imagine that a Tesla owner would fit cheap and nasty tires.

          4WD or FWD is the best choice for winter conditions, as long as weight and torque is low. Have tried a Audi A8 4,2TDI on Nokian Hakkapeliitta studded tires in winter conditions, and boy do you have to be careful with the throttle…

    • jeffhre

      TheCaullen 17:03 in the video – A bit of snow.

  • jackie cox

    bullshit and public relations stunts for a coal powered green car that will be lost to time and real science, musk and obama should be prosecuted and deprted back to their countries

    • Marshall Harris

      Wild troll spotted! Someone grab a net!

    • holy cow, where did you come from?

      Some perspective to clear up stuff what you must have picked up from some misinformed people:

      • jackie cox

        the real energy world, awaiting fuel cell energy powered cars any other supply sources that are actually clean energy and do not smog up places like LA, Are you serios about the NYSE IPO fraud of tsla motors ? or are you one of elons P R Stunt masters, trying to inflate the imaginary stock—I spend a lot of time on the road and have never actually seen a tsla, but have followed closely all of elons schems, and as a political donor kickback, bankruptcy artist, his handlers are pretty schrewd, but in a more serious note how long do you give elons lithium laptop battery powered car to survive in the automobile market without obama there to catch his behind.

        Either you don’t do any indebth research about the trio of elons political donor kickback, taxpayer funded companies, or thats just who you are.

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