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Cadillac ELR #1 Rolls Off Assembly Line, Headed To 1st Customer

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Okay, it’s not just the first Cadillac ELR that’s on its way out the door and headed to its happy owner — the whole first batch of these is on its way to some Cadillac plug-in car lovers, with Santa apparently directing the deliveries. Some may say the Cadillac ELR is over priced — well, Consumer Reports says so — but sexy sells, and many people think the Cadillac ELR is one of the sexiest cars on the market. The Cadillac brand also sells with certain members of the marketplace. In any case, it’s another step forward for the fast-growing plug-in car market. Here’s more on the Cadillac ELR news from Chris Demorro of Gas2:

First Cadillac ELR Coupes Head To Dealerships (via Gas 2.0)

GM’s luxury brand Cadillac wants to compete with the likes of Tesla Motors, and their opening salvo in this green luxury car war comes in the form of the Chevy Volt-based Cadillac ELR. While Consumer Reports calls the Cadillac ELR overpriced, GM thinks…

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  • Karo K

    A great looking car and it is not a Chevy Volt they may share some technology & and engine but software & gadgets comfort way different before commenting read do research Bob Wallace and i dare you to test drive one I have a great car hands down

    • Bob_Wallace

      Sorry if I hurt your fee-fees.

      But the Caddy is not a Tesla competitor.

      • Karo K

        loll funny guy but have to agree with u on the Tesla part

  • jose nieves

    It is a beautiful car that could be a good contender against Tesla model S, but rounding the price down to $70K will make the car more attractive. The 35 mile electric range make you think that this is an expensive GM Volt version. You can do the same with the Volt and save $thousands.

    • Bob_Wallace

      “this is an expensive GM Volt version”

      A tarted up Volt.

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