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Mystery Tesla Car Appears In Gran Turismo 6

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It’s the 15th anniversary of the Gran Turismo line of epic racing simulators, which encompass every aspect of motorsports. To celebrate, Gran Turismo’s designers approached automakers like Tesla, asking them to design a grand touring supercar to add to the game. Could Tesla’s submission could be a peak at the distant future of the brand?

Gran Turismo approached everyone, and so far automakers like Mercedes-Benz have drawn a lot of attention for their future racing concepts. But the Tesla Motors concept is eye-catching as well, with a wide, low nose and broad fenders that are not unlike a certain McLaren hybrid supercar. Tesla CEO Elon Musk has discussed an all-electric supercar before, though he’s also added an electric truck to the lost list of vehicles he wants to build.

The concept is still just a sketch, and has to be digitized by the Gran Turismo tech crew before we get a full look at the electric race car. It’s exciting to imagine Tesla Motors getting involved in EV racing, and I was hoping a Tesla team might take on the Formula E series. Elon Musk is focusing on the launch of the Model S and upcoming Model X though, and any real Tesla racing team is likely years away.

But when it does happen, if it does happen, we might look back on this video game concept as the precursor to the real deal.

 Source: Transport Evolved

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