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Copenhagen Wheel Goes On Sale For $700

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Four years ago, researchers at MIT unveiled a self-contained electric bike conversion kit called the Copenhagen Wheel, which can turn almost any bicycle into an impressive e-bike. After four years, a spinoff company called Superpedestrian has licensed the technology is bringing the Copenhagen Wheel to market for $699.

Using a 350W motor and a 48 volt lithium-ion battery, the Copenhagen Wheel captures braking energy and then dolls it out based on need. At maximum output it can help propel a biker to speeds of up to 20 mph, though it is most useful when tackling a long or steep hill. A special app not only allows users to adjust when the wheel kicks in, but also locks the bike’s wheel in place until the user comes in range via a Bluetooth connection.

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  • copenhagen-3
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All the electronics and control systems are located within the rear wheel, making it easy to add onto almost any bicycle. In cities like New York and Los Angeles, where bicycles are an increasingly popular alternative to cars, the Copenhagen wheel could find a big following. At $699, it’s not so expensive considering the price we’ve seen on some of the funkier/cooler electric bikes.

Look for the Copenhagen Wheel in hip neighborhoods near you.

Source: Gizmag

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  • Fabitus Racing

    I tried it in Interbike The Circuit for a sample riding. It was a amazing experience…I would like to have it in Brazil!

  • Dave

    Can you use this wheel with a 7speed cassette?

  • ybmagpye

    Looks fantastic, and I want one, but… once people learn what it is, until everyone has one, it’s going to be $700 down the drain when you park your bike and the local thieves nick it.

  • William Jelbert

    Can it be used with wheels with gears ? how about a 7 speed cassette?

  • Shawn McDonald

    It “doles” out the energy, not “dolls”. D-O-L-E. Dole. (dl)
    1. Charitable dispensation of goods, especially money, food, or clothing.
    2. A share of money, food, or clothing that has been charitably given.
    3. Chiefly British The distribution by the government of relief payments to the unemployed; welfare.
    4. Archaic One’s fate.
    tr.v. doled, dol·ing, doles
    1. To dispense as charity.
    2. To give out in small portions; distribute sparingly.

  • Mike

    Can the wheel be used without a smart phone?

  • Benjamin Nead

    This is a very cool idea and hope Superpedestrian succeeds with it. I emailed them inquiring about specifics on the battery (which particular chemistry are they using, etc.) and was told they are still in the process of determining that and will announce publicly early next year.

    Some of the lithium ion formulas don’t do well in high heat situations (it gets hot down here in the desert, where I live) and those cells are going to be sealed up inside that unventilated enclosure, along with all the other electronics. Fingers crossed that they did some testing along those lines.

    The other concern I have regards the novel wheel spoking arrangement. Some will tell you that it would have been better to go with short individual spokes than the V-shaped “double” spokes the Copenhagen Wheel utilizes. Needless to say, I’m anxiously awaiting some user review write-ups.

  • tibi stibi

    you can plug it in 🙂

  • Marion Meads

    Is this just regenerative braking or can it be recharge via plugging in?

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