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Tesla Model S Gets #1 Customer Satisfaction Rating

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Though its stock price has fallen and the NHTSA is launching an investigation into a pair of on-the-road fires, the Tesla Model S remains the darling of both Wall Street and the automotive world. Besides, all that matters at the end of the day is happy customers, and the Tesla Model S has the happiest customers of any car out there.

A recent Consumer Reports satisfaction survey gave the Tesla a 99/100 rating, the highest rating the independent product testing magazine has seen in years. That is damn near perfect, and the next-best car, the Porsche Boxster, got a 95, with the Porsche 911 and the Chevy Volt both tying at 91 points each.

Consumer Reports also gave the Tesla Model S a 99/100 rating in its own tests, and the electric luxury sedan is one of the safest cars ever tested by the NHTSA. That said, the survey was conducted in the spring, before the first Tesla flambe made front page news, though the owners of both ruined Teslas have pledged to buy again.

That is some serious customer satisfaction, and another feather for Elon Musk’s crowded hat.

Source: Consumer Reports

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  • Keromancer

    If electric vehicles will ever become practical,
    battery research and development is the ultimate priority.

    Here are some goals R&D should aim for:

    ● A battery with twice the capacity of Model S’s high-end having the same dimensions/weight/cost

    ● A battery that costs half as much as the Model S’s high-end while having the same dimensions/weight/capacity

    ● A battery that’s half the size of the Model S’s high-end with the same capacity/cost

    Somebody get on Kickstarter and setup a fund for this!
    Clearly, this is something we should all give a damn about.

    • Republic

      Tesla will achieve all three of those before long. Battery performance is increasing, although it will not immediately be reflected in the specifications or pricing of their cars.

    • Broseph

      Here’s the thing… Electric vehicles are practical, because of Tesla.

      Sure, a higher capacity battery would be nice, but I’m not so sure that’s the anecdote for the issue. I think the answer to extended usage from a single charge comes from the vehicles ability to charge on its own. Keep in mind, Elon Musk also owns SolarCity. Who’s to say they haven’t figured out how to propel the vehicle by using only solar energy? Who’s to say they haven’t figured out how to make the electric motor just as powerful while consuming a fraction of the battery power?

      They’ve already implemented some sort of recharging technology that juices the battery each time you use your breaks, or something like that. I don’t remember exactly how it worked, but I think I remember reading something about it a while ago.

      All in all, I see them capitalizing on the vehicles power usage and self charging technologies before they dump more $$$ into battery research.

      Just my 2¢

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