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Solar Energy Storage System Wins A 2013 German Renewables Award

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A new German energy storage system has received a 2013 German Renewables Award at a ceremony which was held earlier this month in… Germany. The system is called the ASD Sonnenspeicher. It is was created by Automatic Storage Device (ASD).

I’m sure that Germans will be pleased to hear that it is manufactured in Germany, which happens to be a country that has made impressive progress where the growth of solar power and energy storage is concerned.

There may be some serious merit behind the award, as the system can switch itself on and off almost instantaneously (12 milliseconds), according to ASD. This is wonderfully dispatchable compared to typical coal power plants, which can take three hours to start. ASD notes that this system can also switch between its lithium-ion batteries and the power grid within 1 millisecond.

Interestingly, the managing director of ASD, Walter Wolfram says that he designed the system because he could not find a suitable energy storage system for his home.

The energy storage system comes in different sizes, such as the Sonnenspeicher 300, which is 4.8 kWh; the Sonnenspeicher  600, which is 8.06 kWh; and the Sonnenspeicher 900 and 1,000 models, which are 13.44 kWh. The systems can, naturally, be used residentially or commercially.

Prof Andreas Reuter, director of Fraunhofer Institute for Wind Energy and Energy System Technology, explaining the judges’ decision to award “Innovative Product of the Year” to ASD, said: “The ASD solar storage system sets new standards by storing solar energy much more efficiently. It eases the burden on the grid and uses intelligent power management to maximise on-site consumption. The system therefore has the potential to significantly help Germany and other countries reach their energy policy goals”.

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  • kiara

    In most of the countries where solar panels installation had started, government is providing incentives to increase the use of solar panels. Thanks for posting!
    Rachel |

  • solar panel electric system

    Solar energy generator with ASD system is very useful to store solar energy for daytime and use it when require. Nice concept, thanks for sharing it.

  • Thomas

    Germany has many incentives for business beyond traditional venture capital. In certain German states the government will match investor money up to 50 % of project cost! Tax breaks are also common along with giving free advice for business startups marketing, business plans, taxes ,etc. along with help matching the proper employees with employers and sometimes actually paying the salary of the employee for the first year maybe two years so Germany and some other European regions actually have very large amounts of financial and expertise help available not only for renewables but for all business sectors on average more support then is available in the USA.

  • Jacob Wadsworth

    Automatic storage device is a brilliant design. I salute the germans for this idea.

  • Marion Meads

    The bottom line is the price, and it is seldom the last thing you will see in the report.

    You can have all the awards in the world and if you don’t price your system to encourage super massive adoption then that achieves nothing, and it will be shelved and forgotten. But if this can be priced at a minimal profit to encourage rapid adoption, you would truly have made a difference. Many inventions are like that, they simply price themselves out of the market and long forgotten.

    • JamesWimberley

      One great advantage American inventors have over European ones is that the former have much readier access to venture capital, This means investors with the stomach not only for high risks but for inevitable early-stage losses.Tesla Motors took six years and $187 million in investments before it turned its first profit in 2009.

    • Yes, the price has to be right, you are correct about that. But this is a commercial enterprise that has to make a profit, or at the very least minimise losses. The German government can not mandate a price.

      But there is an incentive scheme to poplularise solar storage equipment. This will make sure enough get sold to get economies of scale and reduce the price. It has happened with PV, it will happen again with storage. Patience, it will take a few years for these systems to become commoditised and then they pay for themselves and the government can retreat.

  • JamesWimberley

    Please use modern designs of pylons for stock shots. EDF’s “Roseau” pylon is even beautiful. Photos here on my blog:

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