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Published on November 18th, 2013 | by Nicholas Brown


181 MW Of Solar Projects Approved For Chile

November 18th, 2013 by  

The Environmental Evaluation Service of Chile (SEA) recently approved the construction of two solar power plants totaling 181 megawatts (MW).

The plants are titled Project Pampa Sur and Project Pampa Norte. They are to be developed in the Antofagasta Province in the Antofogasta region by Igenostrum, a renewable energy developer. Project Pampa Sur will have an electricity generation capacity of 90.9 MW, while Project Pampa Norte will nearly match that at 90.6 MW. They both utilize the same model of solar panels, which are 240 to 280 watts each.

The SEA also recently approved another 108 MW of photovoltaic solar projects, and the overall solar PV pipeline in the country is currently around 5,000 MW! These projects will help Chile to meet its goal of generating 20% of its electricity using renewable sources by 2020.

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  • Sebastian

    Hi, in the sentence “They both utilize the same model of solar panels, which are 240 to 280 watts each.” should be said “They both utilize the same model of solar panels (Trina TSM), which are 240 to 245 watts each.

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