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Volkswagen Brings A 256 MPG Diesel Hybrid To Los Angeles

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Volkswagen’s 260 MPG XL1 supercar has already sold out, but if you missed your chance to own the super-MPG two-seater, don’t fret. They’re putting that car’s trick 800 cc diesel engine and advanced hybrid system into the new Twin Up! sub compact, and it’s headed for Los Angeles! Volkswagen’s Twin Up! diesel hybrid may not be as curvy as the XL1, but what it lacks in sexy, slinky curves it makes up for in doors — it’s got 5 of ’em! Check it out in the story below, originally published at our sister site, Gas 2.

LA 2013: Volkswagen Announces 256 MPG Diesel Hybrid (via Gas 2.0)

Volkswagen knocked one out of the park with its genre-defying, extreme MGP XL1 supercar- with orders exceeding the company’s XL1 production plans for the slinky exotic car, despite its six-figure price tag. Don’t think that the XL1 is done because…

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  • Dan Bednarik

    Useless unless people can afford to buy it – might as well be nuclear fusion.

  • Bob_Wallace

    Really? 214 MPG in fuel only mode?

    VW has managed a jump from mid-70 mile MPG with their Golf to a 214 MPG car?

    • brian*1990

      Diesel engine can do this bob.

  • John Duffield

    This is an interesting move by volkswagon considering that Audi has finally ended its reluctance to enter the EV market.

  • Lynne Whelden

    I would buy it with some trepidation, because (around here) diesel fuel pumps are not very common. I guess I’d have to get used to looking for truck stops.

    • just_jim

      If the 256 mpg figure is accurate, even an 8 gallon tank would mean 2,000 miles between fill-ups.
      I’d think that you could find a diesel pump for every 2,000 miles.

  • Jouni Valkonen

    Twin Up weights 1180 kg, it can accelerate to 0-100 km/h in 15.7 s. It has 8.6 kWh battery and can travel 50 km on battery power.

    • RamboSTiTCH

      Huh? I hafta go 60 mph on the freeway? Yeah right…

    • Burnerjack

      0-100km/hr in 15.7 s? Not just slow, but possibly dangerously slow when entering an interstate. Many on ramps (in Ca. anyway) are throttled with red lights to limit merging traffic rates. Sounds to me like the accelerator pedal would effectively be an on/off switch.

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