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Mercedes B-Class EV Comes With 124-Mile Range, Tesla Technology, Multiple Braking Options

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Some details on the Mercedes-Benz B-Class electric vehicle have been presented in a new Mercedes B-Class Electric Drive video. Unfortunately, it’s in German, but we’ve got more details on the Mercedes B-Class Electric Drive below the video.

The Mercedes-Benz B-Class EV will come with three regenerative braking options (three levels of regenerative brakes). It can accelerate from 0 to 62 MPH (0 to 100 km/h) in 7.9 seconds, which is comparable to the average new car, and it has an electronically limited top speed of 99 mph (160 km/h).

Hold on…99 mph?! That is well below average. How could Mercedes-Benz expect people to buy something with such a low top speed?

Practically speaking, this is not an issue, as 99 mph is above the speed limits of almost all roads. So whether your car’s top speed is 99 mph or 200 mph, it won’t matter on the road, as you cannot legally go up to either speed anyway. Of course, this isn’t the case on the Autobahn. And some people may want to drive above 99 mph even if they’re not legally allowed to.

Electric B-Class/B-Klasse.
Image Credit: Chris DeMorro / Gas2.

Apart from that matter, as Autoblog summarizes in its rough translation of the video, this vehicle’s powertrain comes from Tesla Motors, and its 130 kW (174 HP) electric motor achieves 340 Newton-meters of torque (250 foot pounds) and should provide a range of 124 miles (200 km) per charge.

Charge time for its 28 kWh battery pack is 1.5 hours at 400 volts (to provide 100 km of the range).

We know that Tesla Motors has developed the best electric vehicles (or even cars of any kind) in the world, so it is a clear plus that the vehicle is using Tesla technology.

Daimler writes:

Mercedes-Benz has collaborated with TESLA Motors to develop the electric B Class. The two companies share many years of cooperation in the field of electric mobility. As a shareholder in TESLA, Daimler has also been represented on TESLA’s supervisory board since 2009. The battery for the predecessor model of the smart fortwo electric drive, for instance, comes from TESLA. For the B-Class Electric Drive, Mercedes-Benz is once again availing itself of the extensive know-how available from the electric car pioneer and is using the TESLA drive system in its own vehicle.

The Mercedes B-Class EV should be available in Germany by the end of 2014. At some point, the B-Class EV is also supposed to arrive in America.

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  • Nick

    Yet another Fugly German ev- what’s new?! So sad and such a waste, but no surprise! Though, it has decent range.. Why not just do the 40kw battery like the rav 4… Then it’d have great range- but probably car makers will milk this like gas cars…little better range, little better mpg… So people keep buying new cars-ugh! Same with the token 20mi plug in ranges…Thank goodness for Tesla, it just can’t happen fast enough with Tesla though!

  • eject

    to little to late. I grew up in the Stuttgart region. I really shudder when thinking about the possibility of of Daimler stopping being a major player. The impact of the loss of the combustion engine will be devastating anyway. Probably the reason why no one connected to the industry here is actively working at abandoning it.
    All those little parts that are not needed anymore in an electric car and all the companies that make them. They will be gone, it is not like you can just do something else when your single expertise is making hardened valve seatings or fuel injectors. All the support structures from bakeries to newsagents and pubs. I really see ghost towns coming to the south of Germany.
    But it is the industries own fault. They just don’t get their act together.

    • Matt

      Happen the the coach maker, watch/clock makers, type writers, ….. And yet the world didn’t end.

      • Bob_Wallace

        Pity the poor flint knapper when the metal point was invented.

        And Tesla when we finally invent teleportation.

      • eject

        Yeah, or Companies that believed digital photography would not catch on.

        Still, this is going to be on another scale. None of this other technologies accounted for a GDP contribution on that scale. In 2009 Automobile accounted for 18.7% of all Revenue in Germany. They don’t seem to have a contingency plan. Or actually they simply don’t care, they squeeze what they can get from yesteryears technology and then they fuck off. This B class is not an electric car. It is just a B class with a electric motor bolted in.

        • Bob_Wallace

          It’s a bit early to write Daimler off based on their first consumer-level EV. Bolting an electric motor might be their cheapest way to get their first EV on the road.

          Take a look at how advanced they are at the upper end…

          • eject

            They will be around for quite some time. After all they do also make Trucks and Utility Vehicles and some niche stuff will be hard to kill off. But they are still working on H2 fueled cars, just as they did 15 years ago. I think it is a structural problem. The people that teach auto mobile engeneering in Germany have a clear set of mind of how a car works. It does have a battery, which starts the engine. That is their world view. And that is why Tesla is so successful by not employing people from the car world.

            That electric SLS. Well, Mercedes announced that all SLS production will be stopped Q1 2014. Apart from those demo cars there won’t be anymore. It wouldn’t have accounted for a significant amount of cars anyway but it somewhat tells a story. There might be a hybrid i8 style pedant. But from rumors to demo to production. I am not holding my breath.

            Bolting a electric motor to a conventional car is the way to keep on selling the conventional car while claiming that there is obviously no demand for the electric version if you compare sales figures. Yeah why would there be, it is not an electric car it is a joke. It is not like they are low on cash or anything. If they would be able and willing they would produce serious electric cars.
            By this point I am really wondering if they are maybe truly not able to.

          • Ronald Brakels

            Sometimes when a car company says it is developing hydrogen powered cars it is actually developing an electric powered car. CEOs tend to be people people and people people tend to be paranoid. It’s the way humans are. Hence they tend to lie a lot and concoct various schemes to throw off the competition. One scheme is to say that you are developing a hyrogen powered car when really you are developing an electric car that just needs the bit on the blueprint that says hydrogen fuel cell replaced with a battery pack to work. Of course, whether or not a particular hydrogen car project is actually an EV in stupid clothing or not is very hard to tell without detailed information about the company.

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