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Apple Advised To Purchase Tesla Motors

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By Christopher DeMorro.

tesla-and-appleTech giant Apple has been mentioned in the same breath as electric automaker Tesla Motors time after time, and the similarities are easy to see. A German stock analyst is calling on Apple to buy Tesla Motors as a future-proof form of income, uniting two tech giants and giving Apple yet another platform to develop products for.

Andaan Ahmad, an analyst for Germany’s Berenberg investment bank, called on Apple CEO Tim Cook to buy Tesla Motors. Ahmad thinks Tesla will be one of the great automakers of the 21st century, and that the income from Tesla’s operations will give Apple a sustainable income as the market for smartphones and tablets becomes increasingly competitive. Everyday there are more players and innovations in the market, and Apple’s domination is slipping with each new product launch.

The match seems natural, after all, though Apple almost certainly isn’t the only interested party. Google, which is developing in-car motion controls and self-driving cars of its ownhas also been called on to invest in Tesla. The electric automaker has seen its stock valuation soar to more than $20 billion in recent months are strong sales and rave reviews keep pouring in. Tesla’s emphasis on technology and performance has struck a chord with luxury car buyers, and the wait list for the Tesla remains months long.

It seems increasingly likely that some tech giant is going to align itself with Tesla sooner rather than later, and just who gets in bed with Elon first could mean a profound shift one way or another in the automotive market. This could be just the disruption the car market needs.

 Source: CNN Money

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  • BongBong

    If any company is to buy Tesla, it should be Toyota.

    • Bob_Wallace

      I can see Toyota buying Tesla at some point. If other companies capture the “affordable EV” market based on their ability to produce at higher numbers Tesla might become Toyota’s luxury EV brand. Their EV Lexus.

      Ford is well-positioned to grab the affordable EV market with the way they designed their Focus assembly lines. They can convert an existing line from fuel to EV in a couple of days. If someone drops a more affordable battery on the market look for that to happen.

      Larger car companies have better established supply chains and much larger advertising budgets. Tesla is spending nothing on advertising.

      • BongBong

        You got it exactly right. Toyota already owns the low-cost hybrid market with Prius. With Tesla they simply make it an extension of their Lexus brand, more or less.

        • Bob_Wallace

          I don’t see a sale of Tesla until Elon has clearly established the brand and brought at least a mid-range cost EV to the market. I think he has something to prove and feels a need to produce a high quality, decent mile range EV for somewhere around $30k.

          At that point he may feel that he’s done the interesting work of turning the car world on its ear and it’s time to let someone do the routine work of running a big car company.

          It’s hard to know what his ambitions are. Does he want to do a lot of very innovative things or does he want to built Tesla into a major corporation? I suspect he likes the innovation stuff a lot more that running a huge business and will either hand off running Tesla to someone else or sell it to another car company in order to free up his time to tackle something more interesting.

          • BongBong

            Considering he has publicly stated it is his personal life goal to eventually (live and) die on Mars. His real interests are in establishing a human settlement on another planet… and who can blame him. His track record with ex-wives may be the prime motivator! 🙂

  • Roberta Mangano

    if apple bought this company, it would have a good car for about 3 years and tank. apple’s innovation lasts 3 years before they find a way to get lucky again in 20 years.

    tesla should buy apple instead

  • look like that’s why speculators buying in tesla motors.

    • Bob_Wallace

      Because they might get bought out by Apple? I doubt it.

      Apple buying Tesla would probably be a terrible thing for Tesla. Apple is a design and sales company. They don’t manufacture. They don’t know cars.

      There’s a chance that Tesla will develop into one of the world’s leading car manufacturers. They’ve got a world leading product and a corporate strategy that gives them a shot at extreme success. They’ve created an incredible brand name.

      That said, it’s a long shot. Not where one would want to invest a large part of their net worth or where they would want to invest for retirement.

      • A Real Libertarian

        Speculators don’t make very good long term investors.

        • Bob_Wallace

          True, that.

          Buying speculative stock is like buying a lottery ticket with higher odds of winning but a lower payout.

          Neither are good ways to attempt to build wealth.

          • A Real Libertarian

            It’s why I support that tax on financial transactions.

      • as i remember i-car also was a dream of Steve jobs.

        • Bob_Wallace

          Did Steve make any?

          I know he was making a butt-ugly yacht toward the end of his life. Not everything he touched turned to gold….

        • BongBong

          Source? I can recall no such interest of Jobs.

      • Kurt

        Actually, they DO manufacture. That’s the whole point of Apple – they build top to bottom, inside to out, controlling every facet of the process. Love them or hate them, but recognize that they pour care and detail into what they do.

        • Bob_Wallace

          Have you missed all the Foxxcon issues?

          Foxxcon and Inventec manufacture the iPod, iPads, iPhones.

          Apple has over 150 companies that manufacture for them.

  • wideEyedPupil

    Apple is making more profits than ever from iOS devices. But hey keep that meme running I wouldn’t expect anything less from a tech journalist!

  • Amaranth

    Elon created the company and said that it would always be independent. So no.

  • Dean Roussel

    If that happened the cars would only last 3 years and you wouldn’t be able to repair them.

    • wideEyedPupil

      How many modern cars can you repair today?

      • Bob_Wallace

        For starters, I can change the battery in any of them. And I’m not a mechanic.

        • wideEyedPupil

          I can change the iPhone battery. I ask you again, how many modern cars you repaired this decade? It’s always a trade off between features, weight, size, battery performance and ‘home-fixing’. Apple knows what they are doing.

          • Bob_Wallace

            They sure do. They got your money.

          • wideEyedPupil

            Comeback king!

  • Sebastian

    It will never happen. Elon did not create Tesla for the money. Tesla is one of his babies.

  • Ross

    Elon for CEO.

  • Yuan Smith


  • BongBong

    Never listen to a stock analyst.

    • Matt

      Everyone can show you at least one pick they had that went right.

      • BongBong

        And dozens that went wrong.

  • Alex

    God I really hope that doesn’t happen… I was really looking forward to a Tesla one day… this would seriously undermine my trust and respect of the Tesla brand 🙁

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