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Tesla Model S Can Now Travel From San Diego To Vancouver!

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Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could drive your Tesla Model S all the way from San Diego to Vancouver?

Now you can! Tesla Motors has completed that Supercharger corridor for that 1,400 mile route, increasing the total number of functional Supercharger charging stations in the United States to 31.

Unlike average companies, which entice you to buy a product and then stop supporting it, Tesla Motors leaves its competition behind by continuing to make the Tesla Model S better than ever with automatic software updates and improved charging infrastructure.

Tesla Model S with Supercharger in Norway
Image Credit: Tesla Motors

Tesla even hopes to reduce charge time for its Supercharger stations to 10 minutes. On the way there, they were just recently upgraded to 20 minutes.

Tesla also prepared for the future well in advance by enabling its charging stations to charge up to 8 vehicles at a time (the option to charge 8 is only available in busier locations).


Tesla US Supercharger Network
Image Credit: Tesla

Within the last month, Tesla Motors activated Californian charging stations in Corning (California), Mount Shasta (California), and Grants Pas (Oregon).

Tesla is far from done with the development of its Supercharger network. It is reportedly next working on making trips between Phoenix and Vancouver possible, while also working to improve the connections between the key Los Angeles and San Francisco markets.

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  • Chris_in_Raleigh

    Great news, but for anyone who’s waiting on the charging infrastructure before buying electric, consider that we use our electric car (Nissan Leaf) every day to drive all over town and only need to charge at home. When we go on vacation, we just take the old gas minivan instead.

    Before I bought electric, I was checking out where all the local charging stations are, but that turned out to be irrelevant.

    We’ve put over 10k miles on the Leaf in just 6 months.

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