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PACE Program For Broward County (Florida) Moves Forward

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Increasing the number of jobs in our country is critical. However, what is intelligent is to create jobs that are truly sustainable. Due to recent improvements in Broward County, Florida, there are many happy contractors, electricians, and others in related fields thanks to a new program. An intelligent effort from the Broward County Commission continues to set better standards for the rest of Florida. A news release from Florida Green Energy Works shares the good news:

The Broward County Commission unanimously voted to move forward with an innovative “open market” approach to financing for residential and commercial energy retrofits for its more than 1.8 million county residents.

The Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) program adopted by the County lets property owners voluntarily and cost-effectively fund energy-saving retrofits of their homes and businesses. Financing is available for solar panels, LED lighting, HVAC and wind-resistance improvements.  Interest rates are competitive because repayment is collected as an assessment on the owners’ property tax bill.

“Contractors have been waiting a long time for this – we’re ready to get to work!” said Larry Clark of Sustainable Performance Solutions, a Broward-based energy auditor. “We applaud the Commission for its leadership in unanimously moving Broward forward into a future full of good, green jobs.”

Dirty energy sold by companies that have cornered the market will one day become a matter of the past. We are seeing an inclination towards decentralization in many renewable energy areas. These options turn away from programs that restrict participants to singular choices. It is a game changer, a new thinking pattern in terms of energy, business, and policy. And PACE programs are an excellent part of this transition.

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Explaining many aspects of this new course towards an “open market” program, the press release continues:

As part of this new, multiple provider approach, the County decided to hire EcoCity Partners, who administers the State’s only statewide “open market” program. The Florida Green Energy Works initiative has been gaining momentum, expanding to its fifth Florida county.

The Program could lead very quickly to hundreds of millions of dollars of investment in energy saving upgrades in the County. For instance, in just one year, Renovate America, a partner of the team led by EcoCity Partners, has approved over $300 million in residential PACE financing and funded nearly $100 million of energy retrofits in a community smaller than Broward.

Read more on the Florida Green Energy Works website.

Image Credits: Aerial view of portion of Broward County & Broward County solar-powered bike station by Serenethos via Shutterstock

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  • JamesWimberley

    Broward County, centred on Fort Lauderdale, has a population of 1.7m: it’s not the boondocks. Broward has been able to move forward in spite of a reactionary state government. You won’t be surprised to learn that it’s solidly (67%) Democratic.

  • Matt

    So how did they get around the anti pace at Fanny policy? Or does it only help people without a mortgage and corporations?

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