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IKEA Has A Solar Project Intended For Massachusetts

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Originally published on Green Building Elements
By Nicholas Brown.

IKEA now wants to install another rooftop solar power plant in Massachusetts.


The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power today commissioned an 11.4-megawatt DC solar installation featuring more than 46,000 solar panels from SolarWorld.
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IKEA has been on a roll recently, and has been installing solar systems for many stores across the United StatesChina, and the United Kingdom as part of its 100% clean energy initiative. They even intend to start selling solar panels in the U.K.

IKEA partnered with Gehrlicher Solar America Corp for this new project. Construction of the project will commence next spring, and should be completed by next summer. The solar panels will be installed on the roof of the 58,575 square foot store expansion. The solar system, which consists of 1,248 solar panels requires 51,516 square feet of space.

The electricity generation capacity of the project is to be 312 kW, with a projected annual generation of 383,200 kWh, bringing the combined clean energy capacity of that store branch to 1,078,200 kWh annually.

That is the equivalent of removing 761 tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere. That is comparable to the emissions of 158 cars, or the emissions associated with 105 homes.

Source: Today’s Energy Solutions

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  • JamesWimberley

    Why are IKEA only doing the roof? In Spain they cover the car park as well. Please don’t tell me there’s a six-month permitting process before you can do this …

    • Bob

      I was just going to post this link of IKEA in Spain and photo of the car park at Jerez IKEA.

    • Matt

      Yes I don’t understand why company avoid parking lot panels in this country. My best guess is that either they want to keep them hidden on the roof, of its a city zoning thing.
      The Cincinnati Zoo did it, also keep your car cooler. And remember Mark T. said, everything gets to Cincinnati 10 years later.

    • Doug

      Anybody know the cost difference between a simple ground-based install, a slightly more difficult rooftop and a commercial parking lot? For the parking lots I’ve seen, there is a lot of under grounding and massive steel structural mounts. That can’t be cheap. I’m thinking double the price of a rooftop.

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