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Tesla To Offer CHAdeMO Rapid Charging Adapter For Model S

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CHAdeMO is a fast-charging method for electric vehicles proposed by the organization CHAdeMO. The organization was formed by Tokyo Electric Power Company, Nissan, Mitsubishi, and Fuji Heavy Industries (the manufacturer of Subaru vehicles). Toyota eventually joined.

The CHAdeMO concept can provide a whopping 62.5 kW of high-voltage DC current, which can charge electric vehicles in less than 30 minutes. However, CHAdeMOs network of charging stations is 50 kW.

While the electric vehicle industry works to standardize charging systems to maximize compatibility, Tesla Motors is preparing to offer a CHAdeMO charging accessory for the North American Tesla Model S product line (online this winter), and it will be priced at $1,000.

CHAdeMO Rapid-Charging Adapter For Tesla Model S.

CHAdeMO Adapter for Tesla Model S.
Image Credit: Tesla Motors

A separate adapter is required for the European and Asian Model S. This charging accessory is only for Model S vehicles with Supercharging enabled, and is incompatible with the 40 kWh Model S. Owners of the 85 kWh Model S don’t have to worry, as those already have Supercharging enabled.

If you want to enable Supercharging, you have to pay $2,400 before your Model S is delivered, or you can do it after receiving the vehicle for $2,900. I know that you would like to have as many charging options as possible, but: Is this worth it?

According to Tesla Motors’ CHAdeMO accessory page, the charger can add 150 miles of range to the vehicle per hour that it is charged.

Tesla Motors’ own Supercharger network (not CHAdeMO) is very fast, has been deployed in numerous cities, and still is being deployed across the United States, giving Tesla Model S owners superior peace of mind. However, the addition of this accessory provides Model S owners access to even more charging stations across the US, providing greater flexibility and even greater peace of mind than ever before.

If you like to travel long distances frequently, I think it is worth it.

Speaking of long range, an Australian company is creating tuk tuk vehicles with integrated solar panels.

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  • Jack Burgess

    For those interested in the comparison…

    CHAdeMO Max DC current: 62.5 kW

    Current Tesla Supercharger: 120 kW
    Planned Future Tesla Supercharger: 150 kW

    With plans for nationwide coverage of the Tesla Supercharger over the next 2 years, it may become the defacto standard with other mfg’s licencing the technology from Tesla.

  • Ivor O’Connor

    “If you want to enable Supercharging, you have to pay $2,400 before your Model S is delivered, or you can do it after receiving the vehicle for $2,900.”

    Tesla has said they mark up the price of Model S to include the cost of charging them at their free charging networks. This 3K price must be what they figure it will cost them. They have also said they will share their charging network with cars that have also paid them this upfront cost. I wonder if they will double it to 6K to make sure they do not lose money?

    I wonder how many 40kWh batteries are in the field before they discontinued them? They said they discontinued them because they were not selling.

    • Jouni Valkonen

      I have assumed that the $2400 cost is the cost of supercharging hardware installed into Model S. It is not there by default in 60 kWh model. If it is retrofitted there is additional $500 cost for the work.

      The upkeep of superchargers is not earmarked and it is paid from the Tesla’s cash flow. Tesla has not announced how much the upkeep costs is or how much Tesla has predicted that it will cost in the future.

      • Ivor O’Connor

        The Tesla buy page actually lists it at $2K or 2.5K after delivery. Tesla has said the price of the supercharger stations are paid upfront by the car buyers when they buy that option. And that any other car manufacturers may use their charging centers if they pay a up-front one time fee per car.

        The technology is amazing but I think it is just the start. As time goes on we may see chargers capable of double or quadruple the current charge. Remember battery capacity doubles every eight or so years. Also keep in mind they have said they would like to make trucks. So the future will be even more fantastic.

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