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Toyota i-Road Production Has Begun

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Toyota i-Road

Toyota’s pie-in-the-sky EV concept from this year’s Geneva show was hailed by the company as a production-ready concept, leading to a number of sarcastic nods and knowing “Yeah, right.” comments from the motoring press. Here we are, just a few months later, and reports are starting to surface that Toyota has begun production of their innovative, 3-wheeled EV, and that as many as 100 of the jet fighter–inspired machines will be available as part of a car-sharing program in Toyota City.

The production Toyota i-Road vehicles will be available alongside the conventional COMS EV (shown in the gallery, below), as well as a number of electric Yamaha scooters similar to those used as pitbikes by the Toyota racing team that competed at LeMans this past year.

Still no word on whether or not the i-Road will make it to the US or European markets, but the fact that there will be triple-digit numbers of these is, at least, something for EV enthusiasts to get excited about.

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  • Kyle Field

    This looks interesting. After trying out the San Fran bike sharing program and finding it extremely useful…and knowing how electrics are basically maintenance free, this could prove to be a huge leap forward in providing metro areas around the world with affordable, clean vehicles in the event that they dont want to get on a bike. Neat stuff 🙂

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