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Published on September 30th, 2013 | by Cynthia Shahan


Concert On Top Of Wind Turbine Promotes Clean Energy

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Rising above the height of the Beatles’ famous rooftop concert, keyboardist Cian Ciarán of Super Furry Animals decided to play a concert and record his most recent album on the top of a wind turbine. Move over, stuntman Bono! Cian Ciarán’s dramatics shift to a steeper prowess with a high-flying incline that combines with his environmental and humanitarian beat.

I believe this is recording outdoes any Beatles or U2 settings, and I imagine the members of those iconic bands would appreciate this clean energy move. Cian Ciarán scaled a 67-meter-tall wind turbine in Norfolk on September 25, 2013 in order to start recording his recent solo album. Ciarán has noted that he is driven to expose and critically examine a fallacy the UK has in place regarding clean energy. Ciaran’s protest to the UK government’s plans for new nuclear power involves a creative and dramatic exploration of time, sound, wind, and height.

As Sarah Laskow of Grist writes:

Hi, Cian Ciarán, we like you.

First of all, you are a member of the band Super Furry Animals. How could we not feel warmly towards a band called Super Furry Animals? Impossible. And, on top of that, you’re staging a PR stunt that involves going 219 feet up in the air, to the top of a wind turbine, and playing music for an hour in support of renewable energy. How could we not love a PR stunt that involved hanging out on top of a wind turbine? That’s maybe even harder.

And from the Guardian:

To proponents of nuclear power who argue it is an important low-carbon energy source, such as energy secretary, Ed Davey, who helped overturn the Liberal Democrats’ opposition to nuclear power at its conference earlier this month, he said: “We have a myth that nuclear power is green. It is bullshit in my opinion. You have to mine the uranium, enrich it, get it here, not to mention all the concrete that goes into building it [the reactor]. It is by no means green.”

But Ciarán is adamant the closure of Wylfa, in Anglesey, north Wales, should be the end of atomic power in Wales. “Yes, definitely, it should be the last nuclear power station in Wales, without a shadow of a doubt. We don’t need them. The scaremongering, that the lights would go out, is a myth,” he told the Guardian.

Ciarán said that the economic case for new nuclear did not make sense. “How can you justify subsidizing – however you want to sugarcoat it – paying EDF with taxpayers’ money, locking us in for the next 40 years to high electricity bills?”

What a beautiful smile this musician has. What an impassioned voice for common sense. This is what Green is. It is what Cian speaks for: simple, intelligent common sense. Thank you from CleanTechnica, Cian Ciarán.


Image Credit: Pledge Music

     Environment     Wind power Super Furry Animals' keyboardist to perform atop wind turbine Cian Ciarán will play solo album up 67m-tall turbine in Norfolk in protest at the UK government's plans for new nuclear power     Share 326     inShare9     Email     Adam Vaughan, Wednesday 25 September 2013 01.00 EDT	     Jump to comments (33) Cian Ciaran of the Super Furry Animals Cian Ciarán of the Super Furry Animals performs at a festival in Winchester, England. Photograph: Louise Wilson/Getty Images

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