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Ecotricity Offering Green Electricity For Less Than Dirty Electricity

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Originally published on the Ecotricity website.

Ecotricity, Britain’s first green energy company, today announced they will now undercut the standard tariffs of the Big Six energy companies, supplying green electricity for less than the price of their standard brown tariffs from Tuesday 1st October.

Until now, Ecotricity has always price matched the standard power prices of the Big Six – however, from October 1st Ecotricity will no longer follow the Big Six price changes, and will instead price its 100% green electricity tariff entirely

Dale Vince, Ecotricity founder, said: “Around 40% of our electricity supply is self-generated by our own fleet of wind and sun parks, and we have planning permission to more than double that supply in the near future – this degree of energy independence now means we can be price independent.

“The good news is that,when we make this change, it will mean slightly lower bills for our customers – it will be a very modest reduction, just a few pounds, but this is a really significant step in our evolution as a green energy company.

“People often falsely assume that green electricity is always more expensive. But most people in Britain are actually still on a standard tariff – so we’re a little cheaper than what the majority pay for brown electricity and we aim to get even cheaper than that big brown price in the near future.”

Ecotricity already offers a one tariff, one price policy, supplying all of its electricity customers with the same 100% green tariff: everyone gets the same tariff at the latest best price, regardless of when they signed up or how they pay (part of Ecotricity’s Ethical Price Promise).

Dale continued: “We are stretching the gap between ourselves and the conventional energy companies – we have one simple 100% green electricity tariff, we continue to invest more per customer in new sources of renewable energy, and we are now moving further away from the price of the Big Six standard tariffs too.

“Our work is aimed at bringing about an energy independent Britain, and as a green energy company we want to demonstrate how this can be achieved – the more of our own energy we produce through our own renewable sources, the greater we’ll be able to shield our customers from price hikes that come with an over-reliance on fossil fuels.It’s all part of our vision for a Green Britain.”

On average, Ecotricity spends more per customer on building new sources of green energy than all other energy providers in Britain put together – on average, over the last nine years, this has equated to almost £300 per customer.

The company currently powers over 75,000 homes and businesses and this year obtained permission for what will be the fourth largest wind park in England, at Heckington Fen in Lincolnshire.

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  • Others

    Tidal Turbine moves ahead in Scotland. Its just a wind turbine installed under the sea. This is another front of Wind energy technology. Its just like Solar Thermal is for Solar Photovoltaic.

    • Bob_Wallace

      When do we start seeing some knowledgeable projections of how prices could end up once tidal/current turbines are mature?

  • John Murray

    Things like this will continue to happen across the world. Change is inevitable. Clean energy is a good thing for all of us. Dirty energy has done enough damage. They will lose out as renewables become a less expensive and viable alternative. The claim that renewable energy is too expensive is out-of-date propaganda.

  • This must make fossil fueled power companies in the states sick…. parity is coming.


  • JamesWimberley

    This is brilliant, disruptive marketing. The tiny headline price gap is bound to get wider, as Ecotricity´s vulnerability to fossil fuel price shocks and nasty surprises on nuclear power must be negligible. They have just dealt a blow to the ever more expensive prospects of reviving Britain´s nuclear power programme (Google ¨Hinkley Point C¨).

    The example illustrates the advantages of breaking up integrated utility monopolies into a regulated monopoly grid operator, acting as a common carrier, and competitive generating firms marketing to consumers. To begin with, the change looks cosmetic to consumers. But then innovators like Ecotricity break in.

    • Bob_Wallace

      I found one site claiming US wholesale electricity costs are just under 50 pounds/MWh. About $80/MWh or $0.08/kWh.

      EDF has insisted on a guaranteed price of $0.15/kWh for every kWh of electricity for the next 40 years before they will build a new reactor. The UK has offered $0.12 and EDF refused. Laid off staff and started retreating back to France.

      If Ecotricity can undercut today’s retail price then their production cost must be as low or a bit lower than the general UK price.

      If you’ve got a green company who can produce at 8 cents how can politicians justify giving out a 40 year contract to nuclear at >12 cents?

      If a contract is written for a new reactor then someone needs to start looking to see if money was passed under the table.

      • JamesWimberley

        The UK Energy Secretary respónsible for the negotiations, Edward Davey, is Liberal Democrat. Any deal would be under intense scrutiny, especially as his predecessor Chris Huhne had to resign for ethics violations. The Tories would not give him any cover.

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