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Poll: What’s The Most Disruptive Cleantech Model?

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I recently had a fun idea for a poll. Hope you will think so, too. Cleantech as a whole is beginning to disrupt (in a good way) a handful of not-so-clean industries. This includes the coal industry, the nuclear industry, the oil industry, the gasmobile industry, and even the banking industry. In a very broad sense, the question is, which of the below do you consider to be the most disruptive cleantech model?

A) 3rd-party solar (e.g., solar leasing)
B) Feed-in Tariffs (FiTs)
C) Crowdfunding solar and wind projects
D) Model S + X + E (yep, this is a creative use of the term “cleantech model”)

Here’s the poll for voting:

Image Credit: disruptive technology signs via Shutterstock

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  • Thanks for the great comments. I plan to incorporate much of this in the follow-up article. 😀

  • Omega Centauri

    I voted 3rd party. Not because I particularly like it, I much prefer crowdfunding and community owned. But, based upon the current scale, 3rd party is making a big difference.

  • Shiggity

    FiT isn’t a business model, it’s a government policy. As far as the biggest impact so far, FiT schemes allowed crowd funding and 3rd party solar leasing.

    In terms of disruption, Tesla is the biggest. They put the car industry on it’s head in under a year.

  • lakis

    For me game changer will be efficient metal air batteries (used as a range extender in BEVs) that will remove range anxiety completely.

  • Bob_Wallace

    What has been the most disruptive from your list?

    FiTs. They helped bring the price of installed solar down in Spain and Germany very rapidly.

    What could be the most disruptive ‘things’ going forward?

    A price on carbon. Drive up the price of old coal and natural gas and renewable installation rates will accelerate.

    Higher capacity EV batteries. Longer range with the same amount of materials. ICEVs would be niche sales within ten years.

  • SecularAnimist

    Whatever it takes to get ultra-cheap, ultra-efficient, mass-market photovoltaics and battery storage, and a massively distributed, decentralized ultra-smart Intergrid, deployed as widely and rapidly as possible.

  • JamesWimberley

    Do you prefer fish to bicycles?
    I´m not voting because the poll is silly. FITs are a policy mechanism; crowdfunding and 3d-party solar are project-level financial mechanisms; Tesla cars are a consumer product; none of them are exclusive. Besides ¨disruptive¨ is no more than a vague business slogan.

  • Jouni Valkonen

    I voted ‘Battery stored solar’ as other alternative.

  • Ivor O’Connor

    You need many more categories and we would need to be able to vote on several of the categories. And we need checkboxes rather than buttons.

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