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Shipping Container Homes Prove That Size Isn’t As Important As Many Think

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Originally published on Green Building Elements.

Shipping container homes are catching on.

When you step into a building with a low ceiling or one which is divided by many walls, it may feel small to you. This has led architects and even homeowners to pursue more “open” concepts which make buildings feel bigger. In these open concepts, walls are removed to convert multiple small rooms into one large one so that it feels spacious.

Some people have taken small structures to the next level and built homes out of shipping containers, and opened multiple shipping containers into each other so they don’t appear small, such as the one below.

They turned a dark, metal box into an attractive living room with a couch set!
Image Credit: A Different Type Of Stealing

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The way in which a building is internally designed (especially the number of walls and ceiling height) has a significant impact on how large it feels. Even enormous mansions can sometimes feel small if ill-designed. Conversely. rooms in a small building can feel big, if designed appropriately.

Does the bottom-left picture look like a living room you could sit in for hours? If it has a television, or a computer, then I would say yes!

Share your answer in the comment section below.

Chris and Malissa Tack’s home.
Image Credit: Tack Photography

The Tack home is smaller, and doesn’t have glass walls/doors, but is admirable in its own way. I like the use of wooden boards to line the walls and floor. Very attractive.

Source: A Different Type Of Stealing

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  • imtheone

    Looking at these photos makes me think getting my own.

  • Wayne Williamson

    The “bench” needs to be replace with something comfortable…just my thoughts….

  • rhze

    I’d sure consider a smaller shipping container house if I hadn’t already bought my right-sized place. For those who are interested in shrinking your home’s environmental footprint, living debt/mortgage free, living full-time and working part-time, and focusing more on quality of life, I would recommend reading more into the Small House Movement.

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