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78 MPG Porsche 918 Spyder Sets Nurburgring Record of 6:57 (Video)

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By Christopher DeMorro.


It’s been three years since the Porsche 918 Spyder hybrid first broke cover, and Porsche has finally put the production model of the almost-million-dollar machine on display at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Along with the production debut of this 78 mpg, 887 horsepower hybrid supercar, Porsche announced that a few days ago the 918 Spyder set a new lap record at the famed Nurburgring.

The lap record for production cars was soundly trumped by the Porsche 918 Spyder, which shaved 14 seconds off of the previous record holder. The Porsche hybrid laps the North Loop of the Nurburgring in just 6 minutes and 57 seconds, with an average top speed of 111 mph.

Driver Marc Lieb was at the wheel for the record run, beating out the likes of the Dodge Viper ACR, the Lexus LFA with the Nurburgring package, and previous record holder the Gumpert Apollo. The only production car faster around the ‘Ring is the Radical SR8, a British-made, barely legal road car that has none of the amenities of the Porsche.

Source: Porsche

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    NASCAR is also experimenting with hybrids. All they do is drive in a circle, perfect for them. If you need to pit stop 2-3x less times, it’s going to be hard to beat that.

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