Fossil Fuels Why is Fracking Bad?

Published on September 15th, 2013 | by Jo Borrás


Everything You Wanted to Know About Fracking, But Were Afraid To Ask

September 15th, 2013 by  

Why is Fracking Bad?

Environmental groups all over the world are talking about fracking like it’s one of the worst industrial trends in human history. It probably is, but hearing that over and over again doesn’t help you understand what’s really going on when people talk about fracking. That’s where this video, originally posted to Gas 2, comes into play.

What is Fracking? What Makes it So Terribad? This Video Explains it All …

Longtime readers of this blog should already have a sense of why fracking is bad, how fracking causes earthquakes, exhausts water supplies, contaminates drinking water, “disrupts” families, puts toxic arsenic into the ground, and produces a product that, every now and then, blows up cornfields in the middle of the night. Still, there’s always been a few emails that trickle in asking, in essence, “What is fracking?”

As a response to everyone who ever asked the question, German (?) animators at Kurzgesagt have produced this fantastic, infographical video explaining the whys, hows, and economics of fracking. It’s been produced at what I’d call a “middle school” level, as opposed to Tar Sands Timmy‘s “elementary school” level.

So if you’re a teacher, political blogger, envirotard, or just someone who loves animation, pull up a seat. You’ll learn a lot from the video, and it’ll answer everything you ever wanted to know about hydraulic fracturing for natural gas (fracking), but were afraid to ask.


Fracking Explained

Source: Kurzgesagt.

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  • Jouni Valkonen

    Agriculture is even worse. Agriculture has annihilated the land area sized South America the most fertile nature. Also agriculture is the worst polluter (fertilizers and pesticides) and the greatest water user. Agriculture is the worst climate change contributor due to deforestation.

    There is a real alternative for agriculture and that is vertical farming. But vertical farming is extremely electricity intensive food production.

    But the video was excellent, thanks for sharing.

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