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Car Wars: 2014 Honda Fit Mugen Hybrid vs. Toyota Yaris Hybrid-R

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Mugen Honda Fit

Toyota shocked a lot of people with its 420 hp Yaris Hybrid-R, but Honda’s own Mugen tuning and motorsports division was quick to respond with a hot bodykit and upgraded interior package for the company’s new-for-2014 Honda Fit. Mugen didn’t stop with flash, though — there are handling and power upgrades as well. It may not add up to 420 hp, but this upgraded Honda Fit has one thing going for it that the recently-revealed Hybrid-R definitely can’t match. You can find out more about that in the article, below, originally published at Gas 2.

Honda Fit Mugen Set to Face Off Against Toyota Yaris Hybrid-R

Import Wars

Not one to let Toyota get all the go-fast green press during the upcoming auto-show season, Honda has just released photos of its Mugen-tuned 2014 Honda Fit, which features a less-restrictive Mugen exhaust, at least, and a more aggressive, sporty bodykit, racing-style bucket seats, and lightweight aluminum wheels. It’s also rumored that the Mugen will have a bit more power than the “factory” Fits, thanks to that exhaust, a less restrictive intake, and a retuned engine control unit (ECU).

Do you think this new 2014 Honda Fit has what it takes to steal the 420 hp, motorsports-derived Toyota Hybrid-R’s thunder? Before you answer, consider that the sportiest Honda Fit, once it rolls out of Mugen’s workshop, looks like this …

Mugen Honda Fit

Mugen Honda Fit

Mugen Honda Fit

Mugen Honda Fit

… while the LeMans-inspired Toyota Yaris Hybrid-R, for the sake of those of you who’ve already forgotten, looks like this …

Toyota Yaris Hybrid R

Toyota Yaris Hybrid R

Toyota Yaris Hybrid R

Toyota Yaris Hybrid R

Toyota Yaris Hybrid R

… and that only one of these two is actually available for sale.

Which one? That would be the Honda Fit, and you can be sure the good go-fast bits from Mugen will be available stateside once the car goes into full production later this year. The Fit hybrid is expected to deliver some 80+ MPG (it gets 86 MPG on the JDM/Euro cycle), thanks to its combination of an 1.5-liter, Atkinson-cycle four-cylinder and seven-speed, dual-clutch transmission. That’s a 35-percent improvement over the current Fit, and a far cry from Toyota’s hot little hybrid – which, at this point, is little more than a design exercise.

Call me biased, but a bird in hand, you know?

Source | Photos: Mugen Honda, via Autoblog. Toyota.

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