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Nissan Leaf & Chevy Volt Both Break Their US Monthly Sales Records

September 5th, 2013 by  

The month of August was a good one for plug-in electric car companies. Two of the three leading electric cars (in terms of sales) broke their US monthly sales records last month (we don’t have monthly sales numbers for the other one).

The Nissan Leaf’s new all-time best is 2,420, while the Chevy Volt’s new all-time best is 3,351.


The August sales results also now put the Chevy Volt (14,994) ahead of the Nissan Leaf (14,123) in cumulative 2013 sales. The two cars have been trading places at the top for the past few months or so. It feels like the last stretch of an important race in a Hollywood movie, imho.

2013 Nissan Leaf and Chevy Volt sales are leagues above their 2012 sales. As regular readers know, the US Leaf tantalized the market with a $6,400 price cut in January (thanks to the start of production within the US, which cut costs tremendously), while the Chevy Volt finally did the same last month with a $5,000 price cut (which may not have been as warranted as the Leaf’s).


I’ll have a full August 2013 electric and hybrid car sales update here soon. Hold on tight, it might be an interesting one… Overall, though, as I think you’d guess, it looks like August was a record month for plug-in electric cars.

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  • agelbert

    Zachary, if you want some good laughs, check out this article from the fossil fuelers in government that cannot see that EVs are contributing to gasoline demand destruction. They are scratching their heads wondering what could possibly be the reason that, since 2011, people are buying less and less gasoline!

    They list a bunch stats about the economy but not one word about EVs. LOL!

    Released: September 5, 2013
    Next Release:
    September 11, 2013

    What is Driving the Declining U.S. Gasoline Consumption?

    The Labor Day holiday marked the end of the peak driving season, a good occasion to review the most recent data on gasoline consumption, which accounts for almost 10% of global liquid fuels consumption.

    For the first half of 2013, EIA data show gasoline consumption lower than the comparable 2012 period by 50,000 barrels per day (bbl/d), or 0.6%, lower than in the comparable 2012 period (Figure 1).

    Economic growth, gasoline prices, and vehicle fleet efficiency are key determinants of gasoline use. So far in 2013, year-over-year economic growth and slightly lower retail gasoline prices, a combination that would generally lead to increased gasoline consumption, have been more than offset by the increased fuel efficiency of the light-duty vehicle fleet.

    Full article here:

    Oh, yeah, EVs have a tendency to be quite “Fuel Efficient”!

    • Miles

      1+. LOL 50,000 less barrels of oil is a nice start – It will be 60,000 barrels soon as more & more people buy Electric Vehicles. Just how stupid does the EIA look right now? Blind & stupid. 12,000+ sales for the GM Volt for Aug 2013 ALONE – Awesome. Hurray !!!!!!

    • Marion Meads

      My estimates is that since 2010, and if we tally all the EV’s and PHEV’s, they would save us about 15,000 barrels of gasoline per day. Still a long way to go as we are using 18.6 Million barrels of oil per day. Out of the projected 5.5 Million vehicles to be sold this year, the EV and PHEV are projected to be at least 1.6% of the total vehicles sold. The unstoppable momentum is building!

  • Marion Meads

    Point of no return, the EV’s including the plug-in hybrids are here to stay. Any numbers for sales of Tesla?

    • Marion Meads

      Was surprised that the total sales of EV and Plug-in hybrid is going to exceed 10K this month!

      Chevy Volt: 3,351
      Nissan Leaf: 2,420
      Toyota PIP: 1,791
      Tesla Model S: 1,300
      Fiat 500e:160
      Spark EV: 102
      Honda Fit EV: 66
      Honda Accord PHEV:44
      Mitsubishi iMiev:30
      Total is at least: 9,263

      plus unofficial estimates:
      Ford Focus EV: 160
      Toyota RAV4 EV: 170
      Ford C-Max Energi: 480
      Ford Fusion energi: 435
      Smart ED: 55

      Total is about: 10,419

      • agelbert
      • Marion Meads

        official numbers just in for additional cars:
        Ford Focuse EV: 175
        Toyota Rav 4 EV: 231
        Ford C-Max Energi: 621
        Ford Fusion energi: 600
        Smart ED: N/A yet

        The official total is now 10,891 for the month of August! A record breaker, perhaps not for long…

        • UCSBcpa

          Should we really be including Toyota Prius Plug-in here? I mean, clearly the drivers are not even close to obtaining 50% of their driving from electricity….so hard to count here.

          I guess you can also say this with Volt, but I believe most Volt owners obtain more than 50% of their driving via battery.

          • Bob_Wallace

            Have you seen any data for electric vs. fuel miles for the Prius plug-in?
            Is it possible that it is largely being purchased by people with short daily commutes who are, in fact, doing most of their driving with electricity?

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