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Published on September 4th, 2013 | by Important Media Cross-Post


Tesla Model S Driven 388 Miles On One Charge

September 4th, 2013 by  

Originally published on Gas2.
By Christopher Demorro

While officially rated at 265 miles of range per charge, drivers of the 85 kWh Tesla Model S have already managed to eke over 400 miles of range before refueling. Of course this was at an average speed of just 18 mph, but a duo of Dutch drivers has managed to go 388 miles on a single charge at more realistic city speeds.

Granted, the average of 24 mph is hardly breathtaking, though it is more realistic of the kinds of driving speeds you’d expect in a congested urban environment. The cooler climate of the Netherlands is also less conducive to hypermiling EVs than Florida, where a father and son team went 423 miles between charges.


The 388 miles was more than enough to give the two Dutch students the European world record for electric car range. It also proves that electric cars posses quite a bit of driving range; the Tesla is a big, heavy car, and if it can go almost 400 miles per charge, surely a smaller, lighter car could too. That’s what I got from this story (which is otherwise a fluff piece, which Tesla has plenty of).

Once automakers can lessen the weight of battery packs, and cars overall, making an affordable 200-mile EV seems like an inevitability rather than a pipe dream.

Source: Green Car Reports



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