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Electric Car Sales Pass Gas Stations For The First Time

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A Lot of EVs

EV milestones are coming hard and fast these days, with records falling, new companies showing up, and others shutting down before they really ever got going. There are highlights, however, and as electric cars sales boom, the “there are now more electric cars than …” comparisons are starting, as well. This week, the number of electric cars reportedly passed the number of gas stations in the US! (Of course, there are already hundreds of times more charging “stations” than gas stations — makes you wonder if gasmobile drivers don’t get range anxiety.)

You can check out the new numbers and get more details about recent electric car sales in the full article, which originally appeared on Gas 2, below. Enjoy!

It’s a Good News Day: There Are Now More Electric Cars than Gas Stations

More Electric Cars than Gas Stations

It’s another good news day here at Gas 2, as the total number of electric cars in the US of A has passed the number of gas stations for the first time since- Um … Since 1920. Let’s say 1920.

120,000 to 119,000! WHOO-HOO!!

Now, of course, there are a few asterisks involved – chief among them is the car that can be seen in the photo, above. That Chevy Volt? It’s a plug-in hybrid as opposed to a “pure” electric car, but its numbers are included in the figuring, which also happens to use the 2007 numbers for gas stations (those are the most recent numbers available from the census, but most industry analysts expect that number to have dropped since getting the financing required to buy a gas station became significantly harder to get and keep after 2008.

With plug-in hybrid and electric car sales currently booming, we’re not too far away from the day when the annual sales of electric/plug-in cars exceeds that 119,000 figure. From there, we start talking about the tipping point for EVs to become the mainstream choice, because that day is coming, too. Even Bob “Maximum” Lutz thinks so.

Stay tuned.

Sources | Photos: US Census, Green Car Reports.

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  • agelbert

    We are getting there.

    Lets look at the early 20th century for a comparison:

    In 1900 there were 8,000 registered automobiles in the U.S.

    In 1910 there were 458,500 registered automobiles in the U.S.

    Gas Stations actually didn’t exist but if you count a roadside pump as a gas station, there were never as many pumps as cars. The full service gas station came later and, never did become as numerous as the cars. Since 1990, when gas stations peaked at 200,000, the number of gas stations in the USA has gone down.

    I think they will be gone in less than 20 years or changed to EV quick charge/snack shops.

    “The first public gasoline servers were simply called filling stations. They were just curbside hand pumps, and they began appearing in 1907. There was no service in 1907, either. You did your own repairs in those days.

    Henry Ford and the great explosion of automobiles after WW-I changed all that. Those millions of new cars needed a huge infrastructure of supply. So a new American institution came into being. It was what we called the gas station.

    The gas station started taking shape around 1910. By 1920 it was well-defined. It was a small building with gas pumps in front. But it also offered supplies — tires, batteries, and oil. It offered simple services — lube jobs and tire patching.

    In 1920, America had 15,000 gas stations and only half that number of curbside pumps. By 1930, we had over 100,000 gas stations, and curbside pumps had all but vanished. ”

  • JamesWimberley

    Comparing the numbers of EVs and gas stations isn’t even apples and oranges, more fish and bicycles. Still, if it makes you feel better …

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