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Gestural Design Process Like Iron Man Used, From Tesla & SpaceX Founder Elon Musk (Tweets)

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Science non-fiction is becoming a phrase that brings to mind Elon Musk. Let’s review: to his credit, we have a sideways-flying rocket ship that is reusable; a high-tech, super-high-speed transportation concept (800 mph); and what is widely considered the best car on the planet, an electric car. Musk is also thinking about a future metropolis for Mars.

Scientist, entrepreneur, and nerd superstar Elon Musk seems to have just glided straight onto some high-flying, science-Zen wave and is able to navigate it, without end, taking us all along to the space age. His non-fiction, which sometimes makes our science-fiction look normal, is quite impressive. Musk’s latest such announcement is something out of an “Iron Man” movie, specifically the part where Tony Stark gesturally made an Iron Man suit.

Marvel Studios/Paramount Pictures

Credit: Marvel Studios/Paramount Pictures

OK, it’s not exactly at that level, but it’s the same concept. Musk has tweeted that he and his team have figured out how to design rocket parts (for his highly regarded private rocket company, SpaceX) using hand gestures (more or less as Tony Stark did).

Last Friday, the Tesla Motors and SpaceX founder & CEO tweeted that he and his team had “figured out how to design rocket parts just w hand movements through the air.”

Don’t believe him? Well, he said he’d be posting a video to demonstrate….

Does this guy not sleep?

Musk and team actually seem to have gotten the idea from Iron ManIron Man director Jon Favreau actually got on twitter to ask Musk, “Like in Iron Man?”

Musk replied, “Yup. We saw it in the movie and made it real. Good idea!”

Favreau is of course a VIP, so he then got better access to the news than most of us could dream to be granted. 4 hours ago, Favreau tweeted, “Visiting @elonmusk at #SpaceX to see what he’s up to…”

Apparently, though, this isn’t the first time the two have hooked up. Favreau also tweeted the following 4 hours ago: “Fun Fact: SpaceX was where we filmed Hammer Industries in Iron Man 2.”

Here are the actual tweets mentioned above:

No tweets from Elon since all this. Prior to the Iron Man tangent, Musk was just tweeting about the Tesla Model S getting the best safety rating of any car ever tested by the US government:

and videos of rockets + cows:

h/t CNET

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