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Noomad Converts ANY Bike Into A Leaning Cargo Trike

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It’s called a Noomad, and it addresses exactly the kind of bicycle commuting issues that have been keeping you from joining the record numbers of commuters switching from 4 wheels to 2.

What’s keeping you from the 2-wheeled switch? I get it. You want to bike to work, but there are too many crazies cutting in front of bicyclists and you’re not sure about really grabbing that front brake without going end-over-end. Besides, you carry too much stuff, and you want to have your gym clothes, laptop, and maybe even a spare shirt to change into. Sometimes you want to grab some groceries on the way home, and that’s way too much stuff to comfortably carry in a backpack. If only someone made something that had all the stability and practicality of a tricycle, but wasn’t a tricycle — you know?

That would be the Noomad.

Built by Spanish design firm Polo De Innovacion Garaia, the Noomad sells as a conversion kit that turns just about any bike into a stable, three-wheeled HPV that’s more than equal to the task of hauling groceries, luggage, babies, golf clubs, etc. The Noomad kit attaches to the bicycle’s front fork at the axle, and screws secure into place at the factory brake mounts.

Equipped with a Noomad, the bike does its best to give you the best of the 2- and 3-wheeler worlds. The Noomad’s front wheels are connected to a tilt-steering system that allows the rider to corner by leaning into a turn, just like traditional 2-wheelers, ensuring that the purists won’t have much to complain about and you won’t look like that guy with a tricycle, you know?

You know.

The Noomad was a finalist for a BrandNew Award at last month’s ISPO Bike show in Germany, and is available now for about $600 (based on current exchange rates).

Source | Photos: Noomad, via Gizmag.

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  • ScrewBot

    This maybe a niche product but there is a definite need for a leaning cargo hauler. I like this idea and I hope it’s a success.

  • jachtsurveyor

    Where can we buy

  • rkt9

    Looks nice, hopefully Shenzhen will start making some for less than half the price.

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