Clean Power first solar's CdTe solar cell sets efficiency record

Published on August 8th, 2013 | by Nicholas Brown


First Solar & GE Announce Technology & Investment Partnership

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First Solar on Tuesday announced a solar technology partnership with GE and the acquisition of GE’s global cadmium telluride (CdTe) intellectual property portfolio. GE acquired 1.75 million shares of First Solar common stock as part of this transaction. GE has agreed to retain the shares for at least three years.

“We are creating an exciting synergy with this deal,” said Jim Hughes, First Solar’s Chief Executive Officer. “The addition of GE’s PV thin film technology and R&D resources will advance our technology roadmap, while realizing cost reduction in our manufacturing process.”

Source: First Solar

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  • Bob_Wallace

    GE announced that they were getting into the solar panel business some time ago. Right about the time panel prices began to plummet and solar manufacturing turned from a high margin business to a volume business.

    As prices fell GE announced that they weren’t going to manufacture solar.

    This is likely a great way for them to profit from the investments they had already made and let’s them concentrate on higher margin operations.

  • Matt

    We you can read this either way.
    -GE is getting out of, took stock that it can’t sell for 3 years; because it was the best deal it could get.
    -GE thinks it can make a bigger splash by partnering with First Soar. That is a lot of stock.

  • JamesWimberley

    GE thinks that thin-film technology is a long-term loser? That should give First Solar shareholders pause.
    Mind you, Siemens has also quit all forms of solar, and like GE is concentrating its renewables portfolio on wind and the smart grid (plus a sideline in geothermal). Maybe solar is a sector that just doesn’t fit with diversified engineering behemoths: short product cycle, savage competition, razor-thin margins.

    • ToddFlach

      “GE aquired 1.75 milion shares of First Solar common stock as part of the transaction.” I interpret this to mean GE is considering taking over First Solar, and why would they do this if they believe that thin-film is a long-term loser? Surely they would demand cash for the transaction if they want to get out of thin-film altogether? And if you have not noticed, the competition playing field was evened out considerably when punitive tariffs were applied to Chinese PV products imported to the US and EU…. I think your instincts on this deal are all wrong, JamesW, and in fact, that this deal confirms that thin film has a very positive future.

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