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Published on August 7th, 2013 | by Zachary Shahan


TransCanada Keystone XL Spin Gets Spun By New Ad (VIDEO)

August 7th, 2013 by  

NextGen Climate Action last night released a new video to spur on Keystone XL controversy. The fun and satirical video stars a fake TransCanada CEO who is used to expose numerous facts and and useful context about the proposed Keystone XL tar sands pipeline, the kind of stuff TransCanada would never say or advertise to the American public.

For one, the fake CEO laughs about the much-trumpeted claim that the Keystone XL pipeline would bring down the price of oil in the US, exuberantly proclaiming that it would actually drive the price of oil up for Americans (note: there isn’t really conclusive evidence on that, but there’s at least as much as there is for the claim that the opposite would happen).

The punchline is that, despite the claims that the Keystone XL would increase American oil independence, the fact of the matter is that the oil would be going through the US to refineries in the South to later be exported to China. I think that’s a pretty well-established point now, to everyone not in, tied to, or confused by the Keystone XL oil lobby.

The video is clearly professionally produced. The TV ad ran during President Barack Obama’s appearance on NBC’s The Tonight Show last night. Check it out here:

“The ad highlights TransCanada’s refusal to commit keeping oil from Keystone in the United States, and the misleading statements it’s made about the economic benefit Keystone would have on the US,” a representative of NextGen Climate Action wrote to us.

“As you know, a report from Consumer Watchdog found that construction of Keystone would actually increase gas prices in the US.”

I think it’s very clear where CleanTechnica stands on this issue. The Keystone XL is a horrible idea for all but a tiny percentage of rich oil tycoons (and there political employees).

Here’s another useful video shared in the press release for this new ad:

And here’s a little more background on the man and organization behind the ad:

“[Tom] Steyer and NextGen Climate Action launched “We Love Our Land” ( in June 2013 out of concern that the pipeline was a 40-year investment to shipping the world’s dirtiest oil to economic competitors such as China. Most recently, the pipeline’s future has come into question because Environmental Resource Management, a State Department contractor charged with performing an Environmental Impact Statement, lied on its mandatory conflict of interest form about its association with TransCanada.”

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